The Rooster's Egg - The End

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"Where are you! Come out you devil! I'm not afraid of you!"

He looked around a bit more, and not long after, the first hint of sunlight hits the ground.

"It's morning, oh no..."

He held his ground, hoping that the beast would come out anytime now so he can deal with it once and for all.

As it got brighter, he began to notice more and more details of his environment.

It was deduced that the dark matter was bits and pieces of flesh from the dead chickens but what he didn't see earlier was the other bigger pieces that gets strewn around.

The first thing he noticed was an arm that covered in mud near his feet.

"Oh, no no...."

Damon steps away from it.

"No..this...this can't be happening..."

He wanted to go back in but as he was running forward, the light of day began to spread even more and he can't help but turns around...and saw...

The ground before him was splattered with flesh and blood that was unnoticeable to him before. He saw what looked like a hand beside the chicken coop, a leg near the path that he walked on earlier and the rest of the limbs were either missing, torn to shreds or maybe even eaten by whatever that thing was. Horrified, but Damon felt compelled to walk back and inspect the scene of massacre again. What could have done this?

The sun was blazing in his eyes and when he turns back around to face the house, something else caught his eyes.

Just the day before, he threw the strange egg over the house without ever breaking it while his brother hoped for his failure from the other side. That rooftop could've been stained with the inside of the egg but now, all he can see now is his brother's head, right at the edge of the roof, with blood still oozing from its mouth, neck and its bloody dead eyes staring into nothing.


He can't find his voice to scream and it felt like there was absolutely nothing he could do to escape the situation.

"What do I tell mom and dad? What..what do I do now? What do I do..."

But then he remembered that Liam implied that the egg was never thrown away. Perhaps the Cockatrice finally hatched and did all this.

"But, that's not real...there's no such thing as a rooster's egg...he said it such such.....thing..."

Suddenly, without warning, with the shovel still in his hand, he started running towards the forest which was right beside his home.

"He said he didn't throw it away....maybe I can still find its trail...maybe I can still kill that thing."

Damon held the shovel tight and ran faster with every second.

"I'll show that thing...I'll kill it...I'll kill with my bare hands!"

There was nothing to suggest that he'll find what he was looking for in the forest but he kept on running deeper and deeper into its recess, ignoring all proper reasoning. He just wanted to find and kill that damn thing.

"They said that it looks like a rooster and half snake...that doesn't even sound right.."

A few minutes later, at some point, he got tired, slowed down and eventually stopped.

[Panting sound]

"This..this doesn't look good...where...where am I going to find that...that devil..."

Damon walks a bit more before finally settling near a stream of water while taking his breaths.

"I..I can't run anymore..[panting].."

Then he noticed what looks like the remains of a nest amongst the tall grass just right in front of him.

"What..what is that?"

He got closer to it, but suddenly...

[Shouting sound]

He fell back after a large green toad jumps out of the grass and landed right where he was before.

"S*** it's a monster toad!"

The huge toad didn't move a bit afterwards, instead it just sat there as if it had already anticipated Damon's arrival. It kept on looking at him with its big black glassy eyes.

"Why is it staring at me like that..."

Damon immediately began to formulate an escape plan while the toad continues to observe him but no matter how hard he tries, there were other thoughts that would continue to play in his mind.

"I feel the same sensation throughout my whole body, like I did with my arm when I touched the egg, why is that? And why did Liam even bother making me an omelette? He would never even pass me a glass of water and why was it a big one? Why even bother using more than 1 egg? Why......"

At that moment, Damon can feel the sensation going through his body again.

In fact, it was the same sensation that he felt, right before his body took a different form in the middle of the night and his late brother had to witness the whole thing before running for his life.

Submitted: April 12, 2020

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