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I wrote this lyric for taylor s/w

Let's get dressed and put make up on
I'll show you how pretty I am
We can live life with many wrongs
If it goes wrong don't pass the blame
Tight dress tight shirt and loose obscenity
Can you see that I am honestly free
From your bullshit in this situation
Help help help please from your expectation
Loose grip loose mind in this hellation
This is my this is my revolution
Throw a fit and throw a bottle
Its always you I have to cottle
Get your shit in order for us please
Or else I guarantee I will seize
Wrong wrong wrong I am in awe
Of you and what I just saw
Please please help me out
Don't make me shout shout shout
You say you are the man of all time
Then why do you pull these heart crimes
End it now with the other girl
Because all I do is want to hurl
I won't fight for you for always
So clue out clue in to what I say
It's us forever it's us maybe never
Do you think you are that clever
To say never ever forever
I want you I don't want you
So please get a clue clue clue
Tonight it will be me and a glass of perignon
In this old, run down mansion

Submitted: April 13, 2020

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