Tired Of Me

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A troubled young man, aged 27 has a sobering conversation, out loud, to himself.

Tired of Me


It's amazing the things you do

The mistakes you make

Better yet the bad decisions

The dark forks in the road you take spoonfuls of

Aware of the consequences

Seemingly without care

Without fear

You’ve figured out how to burn and not die

Always finding a way out

The way in

The master does the work

But one day his grace will turn wrath

And we know exactly what you’ll say then

Why can’t I just do right?

The answer never changes

You can

But you don’t

You won’t

But you will

Won’t you?


There’s a Hell for a reason and a seat there for anyone willing to pay the price of admission

God favors you

But that’s my fear

There are degrees to chastisement and you’ve been yet a babe sometime now

Graduation day is here

And all you’ve got are excuses

It’s time now

Don’t vanish from light

The Sun comes out tomorrow for someone

Why not you?

Time to pay

Your date is due


Submitted: April 14, 2020

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