Two aspiring writers meet at a writers conference in Seattle, and what follows is steamy fun.

Table of Contents

It Begins.

  She could not believe it was still raining. It had been raining every night she’d been here, thought Clare, who wa... Read Chapter


  Chapter Two   Clare had 45 minutes to get herself ready for the cocktail hour at the hotel. The only thing she co... Read Chapter

Things Get Hot

  Chapter Three   Freshly showered and feeling well rested, Clare and Theo met the small group of fellow ... Read Chapter

Chapter 4: The Finalists

Chapter Four   Theo went back to his room, and his eyes immediately went to the hotel phone to see if there was a blinking o... Read Chapter

Chapter 5: It happens, finally.

Chapter 5   Clare, Doug, and Theo sat on the stage next to the podium and subtly (or not so subtly) checked each other out. ... Read Chapter

Chapter 6: The Party Leaves the City

Chapter Six    Clare, Theo, Doug, Lucy Perriwinkle and other members of the Writers Summit crew met in the hotel lobb... Read Chapter


The group stood up and began to disperse to different parts of the house and gardens. Clare, Doug, and Theo stood in the middle of the ro... Read Chapter

Clare & Theo

The scene at dinner that evening was one of focused quiet. Clare and Theo were lost in their own thoughts as they mentally drafted their ... Read Chapter

Oh, Doug

It was midnight, and Doug had yet to write a single word. Not one. He had seemingly done everything in his power to avoid starting his sh... Read Chapter

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