Love, Seattle

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Status: In Progress  |  Genre: Romance  |  House: Booksie Classic

Chapter 5 (v.1) - Chapter 5: It happens, finally.

Submitted: August 01, 2020

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Submitted: August 01, 2020



Chapter 5


Clare, Doug, and Theo sat on the stage next to the podium and subtly (or not so subtly) checked each other out. Doug and Theo had been finalists the previous year, and were fairly familiar with each others’ writing talents. They nodded to each other in some amusement at both being on this stage again. Both were young, talented, ambitious writers who respected each others’ craft. Both were determined to win this year. 


Theo caught Doug checking out Clare very closely. His eyes looked … appreciative. Crap. Theo found himself struck with a moment of jealousy and possessiveness. ‘This bastard had better step off,’ thought Theo, as he glared in Doug’s direction. Clare, too, noticed that Doug was basically stripping her with his eyes, and she found herself both irritated and flattered. Doug was a handsome guy, and while she knew that he was a good writer who had published several books, she didn’t know much else about him. Something about his gaze felt a bit slimy, but Clare’s inner goddess still did a delighted cartwheel. I mean, she was sitting on a stage with two good looking dudes, about to be sequestered with them (and a lot of wine) for the next few days. Life was good.


Clare had always been beautiful but she hadn’t ever KNOWN she was beautiful. Growing up, she’d missed any and all cues from guys (if they were sent), and generally was a failure at the dating scene. She’d been a late bloomer, which had always confused her friends and family. Why had she waited until she was in her twenties to understand her own beauty (both inward and outward)? She had no clue. she only knew that she’d struggled with her self confidence throughout childhood. Since then she’d had a few good relationships and a few awful ones. It was her best friend Jen who had pushed her out of her self-conscious nest and  into the dating scene. 


Her best friend Jen had been the person she was able to confide in, borrow clothes from, and generally learn ‘how to be a woman’ from. It was Jen who took her out to bars when they were right out of college, and taught her how to let guys buy drinks for them. It was Jen who told her how to play the games (that she hated) with guys that she dated. Jen told her when to turn a guy down, and helped her to get out of the friend zone with a crush on more than one occasion. Jen had shared real stories and experiences with her (blow jobs gone wrong, unsatisfying threesomes, etc.), and helped her to see her own value and strength. Clare had never forgotten it, and would always be incredibly thankful for their friendship. She reminded herself to text Jen again later, with all of the juicy updates.


Clare snapped out of her musings when she realized that Lucy Perriwinkle was still talking, not that anyone on stage was actively listening to her anymore. Lucy was praising the Seattle Writer’s Guild members, her fellow members of the Writer’s Guild selection committee, sponsors (including this hotel and the Woodinville chamber of commerce), etc. Clare, Doug, and Theo sat in their own little bubble, wondering what was ahead of them and what the writing competition (aka house party) would entail. Lucy wrapped up the evening with a champagne toast to everyone in the room wishing them all well, and with a final word to her finalists - “I’ll see you tomorrow in the lobby, be packed and ready to go at 11:00 a.m., and congratulations!” 


Clare stood up and stretched, her eyes drifting towards the  cash bar. She was exhausted. All she could think about was buying a big glass of wine and carrying it up to her hotel room, where she would drink it in bed. This had been the longest day ever, full of a dizzying number of twists and turns.


Doug stuck his hand out to introduce himself, and she absently shook it and smiled at him. He seemed slightly disappointed with her reception, but she didn’t pause to consider or care. In her fog, she noted that he had a strong grip and smelled delicious, which made her giggle to herself. She turned and led the three of them offstage, where they were immediately bombarded by eager and excited writers who wanted to say hello and congratulations. 


Clare did what she considered the equivalent of a royal smile and wave - where she walked quickly through the room shaking hands and handing out business cards. She was mostly only available on social media, so her card was a piece of cardstock with her name, Facebook site and Instagram handle on it. She hoped that everyone in the room would connect with her online, since she figured she officially qualified as a zombie right now. 


Considering the crowds, Clare decided to skip the bar and head straight for the ballroom doors. She noticed that Doug and Theo had gotten snagged by well-wishers, and were midway across the ballroom, in conversation.‘Suckers!’ she thought, as she escaped the room, laughing to herself. She was back in her room in a flash, and was dialing room service from her comfy bed within minutes. 


“Send up a double whiskey, no, make it a triple, and your cheese platter please” said Clare, as she called room service. She then flung herself back against the pillows and stared at the ceiling, grinning. Holy moly, she had so much to share with her friends and family! First she texted Jen: 


Clare: Yo

Jen (the bestie): Yo!

Clare: So, I made the finalists and so did Mr. Beautiful, and the other finalist is also handsome so OMG. We’re all getting sent to a house in Woodinville for the final few days, where we’ll be challenged to a write-off. I don’t know what that is. I don’t care. I’m picturing some Jane Austin-ish shit, where we jaunt around the countryside and drink tea and wine and act all FAHNCY. 

Jen (the bestie): You bitch! Well, you earned it, so I’m happy for you. Take condoms! 


Clare then hopped into Instagram and posted a selfie of herself plus her fellow finalists on stage earlier in the evening. #wemadeit #seattlewriterssummit #Immafinalist #woohoo #celebrate. 


Room service arrived just as she was wrapping up her hashtagging, and she half expected to find Theo at the door, holding it. He wasn’t there, and that was just fine with her. Clare put the ‘Do Not Disturb” hanger on her door, and was once again giddy to recharge, alone, in her room. Just in case, she left Theo a message in his room, saying congratulations and that she’d see him in the morning.


She was woken up at 8 a.m. by a pounding on her door. Groggy, she ignored it. And then, realizing she only knew one person in this hotel who would pound on her door first thing in the morning, she yelled out, “Theo! No! I’m still sleeping.” 


Theo replied, “Open the door! I come bearing breakfast and coffee!” 


At the promise of coffee, Clare grabbed the hotel robe and padded to the door. She opened it to find a happy and refreshed looking Theo, pushing a cart that was loaded with the works - pancakes loaded with butter and syrup, scrambled eggs and bacon, a basket of warmed pastries, sausages, grilled buttery vegetables, dried fruit, fresh fruit, orange juice, and coffee. Good lord it must have cost a fortune. 


Theo and Clare stared at the food, laughed to each other, and then dove in. As they cleared the last plate, Clare found herself wide awake and excited to have Theo in her room, all to herself. Her lady bits agreed. She looked at him as he was wiping his hands and mouth with his napkin and walked over to his chair. Theo looked up in surprise as Clare straddled him on the chair, taking the napkin out of his hands. Clare leaned down and began to unbutton Theo’s shirt, looking at him for consent. He was a yes, and flashed a smile at her as she reached the last button. She peeled his shirt off of his body and found herself again admiring his muscles and tattoos. This was her opportunity to pick up where they had left off yesterday, and she didn’t intend to waste a moment. 


As Clare nibbled her way down Theo’s body, she marveled at what she was seeing. Mr. Beautiful was hot as hell, and she was ready to get down and dirty with him. She realized that she was murmuring her thoughts out loud as she saw Theo look at her, a bit taken aback. And then she felt his whole body shake with laughter at her very explicit narration. While a part of her was embarrassed that she was caught lusting out loud, the other part of her cared not a hoot and cheered her empowered lusty self on. She ground herself against Theo’s hardness and holy. FUCK that felt good. She was ready for round two with him, and he seemed ready too.


Clare reached down to unbuckle his belt, and then unbuttoned his jeans. The cut of his abs gave her a v-shaped map downwards that was easy to follow. Clare wiggled off of his lap to kneel on the floor, pulling his jeans off in short jerks that teased them both. Clare rubbed her hand over his boxer briefs, feeling and appreciating him. She then paused to listen to hear if a phone was ringing, or if Lucy Perriwinkle might be knocking at the door. The silence greeted her, and in her active narration for Theo, she explained why she was laughing - which made him laugh too. They might make it through this uninterrupted! Woo hoo!


They sat there near the breakfast table, still in the morning light. Theo naked in his chair, and Clare kneeling between his legs. Breaking the silence, Theo said “um, hi” and Clare responded, “hi” and they both felt as if they had known each other forever. It was the best feeling. It was a comfortable feeling. Clare leaned forward to take him into her mouth, making Theo groan again and again, and making things spiral quickly. 


Before either of them knew what was happening, Clare was rolling a condom down Theo’s self (look, reader, we’re not fans of ANY of the penis words), and was kissing him deeply. She dragged him to the bed and mounted him slowly, letting her just awakened body adjust to his size. They both moaned, and began to move in the morning light. On top, Clare ground into him, keeping him pinned to the bed. The friction felt amazing, and had them both panting for more. 


Within minutes, Theo flipped Clare to her back, hitting different spots for them both and driving them both to the edge. Clare began to tip over the edge and told Theo that she was close. They slowed for a moment to match their rhythms, and Clare lost control - orgasming again and again, while telling Theo every feeling, sensation, and wave of climax as she had them. She’d never been this vocal before, but she wasn’t trying to stop herself in the moment. And Theo took every word she said and appreciated her pleasure. He paused for a moment, and then came with her - yelping out loud and praising the goddesses of sex.


© Copyright 2020 E. Fields. All rights reserved.


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