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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Literary Fiction  |  House: dreamscape

A woman finds her betrothed cheating - it right to fight over him?

A man and Balmorra are walked in on by Meghan. The couple are on the couch. No sex, but the cuddling leaves no doubt. There’s food on the table in front them.


Still driven by human nature, Meghan confronts by a question. Reverdy and his woman are naturally surprised and shaken in that living room, ‘What you doin’ here, Meghan?’

‘Don’t answer me with a question, Reverdy. You had to pull this.’

The man shoves the other woman away and stands up. ‘Look don’t trip. She’s nothing to me.’ Like a child caught stealing gum in the candy store.

Balmorra laughs, ‘You say dat. Your horney self will come right back to me.’


Meghan takes it not in outright rage but a normal voice with subtle hint of rage in the inflection. She is remarkably light. ‘That food was our food.’  Takes her ring off and places it heartbroken into his hand, turns her back to him and walks off. He steps up her behind her, placing a hand on the shoulder, pleading, ‘Baby don’t go!’


Meghan knocks the hand away without stopping.


Pent up rage and here’s the outlet. Someone is about to have a screwed night. Balmorra is washing makeup off in the bathroom; dries her hands and face with paper towel; brushed the teeth. Off to bed, flicked the light off. Now to await sleep’s caress.


Close to an hour passes, sleep well taken hold. Consciousness registers a disturbance….pain, from punches? Huh?


Eyes flashed open. Light flooded them, blinding her. How? The light was off. Eyes adjusted and her arms instinctively tried shielding her body.


There’s someone here. Here in her apartment. Her eyes adjusts to the light, the better reception reveals…the hell?




Her face amalgam of rage and heartbreak. Her enemy managed to scramble off the bed. Meghan stands atop the bed and looking down at the woman who…


Reverdy approached her, taken by him, was carried up in the courtship. And then it happened – got on bended knee and said the magic words, Humbly I ask marry me.


Most touching part the ring slid onto her finger. The image turns black and tears to pieces – what could have been will never be…


Takes a step and leaps off the bed toward Balmorra, waiting with a hair brush. She swings and hits the woman mid-air, albeit momentum carried Meghan forward to stand on the ground and fight.


After some time a natural pause in the march of rage. Hairs pulled, clothes dishevelled.  


Meghan asks, ‘You knew we were together? We were to get married but you’d give up the pussy!’

‘Picked me because I’m hot. I gave him what you could not. Don’t feel even stupid once fighting for him?’


Paramour is what many would call a dirty woman, defiled a perspective marriage into a lie. Yet two hands to clap. Struck a chord owing that Meghan turned around to leave.

Submitted: April 15, 2020

© Copyright 2021 dreamscriber. All rights reserved.

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