Cain- Daughter of Lucifer

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Fantasy  |  House: Boley Folks House

The offspring of Carma and Lucifer

on October 31, 1967 I  Carma conceived Cain, my daughter. The origin of the name is Welch. Her name means ( beautiful) Cain, was the name of an early saint. Her birth was to have been the most beautiful moment in my life. homeless, impoverished, to young to work, there is no beauty. I was, I am a throw away, a street kid.

On April 7, 1968, I went into labor. The baby wasn't due until August 8, at the earliest. My beautiful Cain had so many abnormalities. giving birth to a premature infant was terrifying. But, giving birth to a warewolf was beyond terror. 

My baby was born with a full head of black hair. This was her crown of glory non_ sense .her fur was my shame.

Yes, along with those downy newborn locks, don't be surprised if your baby is born with hair all over her upper back, shoulders, and face, especially  if  she's  born early. Nurse, are you saying other premature babies have been born like Cain, with hair everywhere.

Don't worry. You haven't really given birth to a baby Sasquatch. That hair is called lanugo, and it's normal. Lanugo is the first hair the body makes, and in utero it covers the baby like fuzz on a peach.Sure, other babies have been born with body hair. At birth, the hospital staff dubbed me Spider Monkey. Like, Your Cain, I was a premie.

  Experts think the hair is meant to regulate the baby's temperature in the womb, like a shoddy fur coat.

 Fun fact: If the baby is born lanugo-free, that means she shed the hair in the uterus ... then ate it.

Aw! gross, double, no triple gross. Some babies eat their hair inside the mother . My belly, thanks Cain for being born the Monkey_ girl.

Wait, the shoddy fur coat wasn't all. Cain, was born with teeth, a mouth full of teeth.

  your baby any normal healthy baby  starts forming its first teeth when it is just a six-week-old fetus in the womb. The teeth develop in the gums and are not usually visible until they are fully formed which is months after the baby is born. 

But, sometimes, the baby is born with a pair of teeth that you can see. A mouth full of teeth, is most  unusual. There is nothing abnormal with your baby. Babies born with teeth lose them within weeks after birth.

  what about a baby born with a tail ? Cain, was born with what the paramedic said was a true tail.

  All, humans have a tail during embryological development, and usually, the tail disappears in the first trimester. If not, the baby is born with a vestigial tail, what the paramedic referred to as a true tail.

  Human tails are a rare entity. The birth of a baby with a tail can cause tremendous psychological disturbance to the parents. They are usually classified as true and pseudo tails.

Tails are usually associated with occult. My, beautiful baby, Cain was the biological child of Satan.

No, Babies born with a vestigial tail will need to undergo an imaging test such as an MRI or an ultrasound. 

This is necessary to classify the tail and make sure it isn’t associated with a medical condition like spina bifida. Carma, Cain may have had Spina and your baby should have been transported to the hospital. 

None of any of the other stuff matters. Cain was born with many major organs formed outside her body.

Carma, it sounds like Cain was born with Omphaocele. That is a birth defect in the baby's abdominal ( belly ) wall. The infant's intestines, liver,or other organs stick out through the belly button.
I was told, her kidneys were on the outside of her little body. what causes, what you said ? 

Cain, probably was born with Omphaocele . Medical science doesn't know why Omphaocele happens.

No! the hospital cost money. I am broke. I mean living on the street, sleeping under a table broke. I haven't got a job.i have no skills. if, I'd taken Cain to a hospital Social Services would have taken her from me.

with these deformaties Do you think my daughter was a demon ? 


well I do. her biological father was, is, Satan. My family cast Fetus Interuptus. spells and incantations to terminate her life.

  Carma, that is insane. There isn't any spell or incantation. that could harm your baby.

  If, someone,say I, could get you temporary shelter in a homeless shelter would you go ?

No ! I am afraid to go there. I fear the other residents.. The drugs, the violence, the physical, and sexual assaults. Mostly, I don't want to go. Shelters are crowded, and unsanitary.

what are the chances your parents could / would take you in temporarily ?

None ! zilch ! Zero !  not happening. They , didn't want me while I was pregnant. I don't want or need their abuse. I told you they used a witch and black magic to kill my baby.

What about the baby's daddy. Same story, only, I hope that narcissistic devil is back in Hell where he belongs.

carma, we've talked so much about Cain , may I see her ? 

I told you none of any of this matters anymore. My Baby girl died.

I was to young, and to broke to care for her. I was to stupid to know what to do. I. had dark forces brought against me. i brought her into this world I've an obligation to see her out.

Cain's dead, what are you going to do ? 

I am hitting the streets as soon as I can.  I have to make my way to Appalachia. I have a dead baby to bury. Cain will rest in the family plot. it is tradition. it is her right.


Submitted: April 16, 2020

© Copyright 2021 M. L. Williamson Hume. All rights reserved.

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