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A building fire observed.

This afternoon shared a face with many of those before it. Little did I know about the event that would leave an indelible mark on the psyche.


Inside the cosmetics factory across the street from which I stood, chemicals came together. Ignite they did in a chain reaction birthing a conflagration. Streams of flame came through the windows and doors. People near the building ran in fear. Across from this destruction still more beheld in curiosity, fear or concern.


Life and death. Factory workers were trapped inside, a blanket of thick, choking smoke, already exiting the structure could kill before the heat can. The smoke spottable from a distance.


Few minutes it took for firemen and ambulances and police to speed over. Amidst a cacophony of sirens and lights. No small fire, the building engulfed almost. Dutifully firemen connected hoses to hydrants and tackled the flames as trained for.


Learning of the occupants, had to move inside before the flames were totally suppressed. And move inside they did and effected rescue of those inside. Next put on stretchers, donning oxygen masks and loaded onto ambulances and driven away.


The flame continued the feast fiercely. Police did crowd control by instructing the crowd step back more. Cinders from this building floated over to land on nearby structures. To combat, firemen sprayed water onto them. A news chopper arrived to broadcast footage. The whirring blades faintly reached the ears amidst all the sounds. Their ground based contemporaries in news vans drove close as able and reporters and cameramen streamed out, complicating things for cops.


Space of two hours the yellow flame under control, the smoke much thinner. In aftermath fire didn’t spread, injury few. The crowd dispersed.


To those unaffected just a building and few injuries. People depended on a steady workplace to survive.


Author’s note – originated in an English homework essay – introduction, body, conclusion. Reminds of the three act structure. Minor changes.

Adept writing tales far as I remember and kept a lot of the papers. I could come up with them fast and begin writing. In ways too well – teacher wrote do not be so detailed, outline the main idea only.  

Submitted: April 16, 2020

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