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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Horror  |  House: Thrillerz

What happens when the body of an abusive, alcoholic husband disappears from the cemetery where it was recently entombed, leaving behind a pile of rubble where the crypt that held him once was? Patrice Cavanaugh, widow of the deceased, is about to find out the answer to that question. In the small town of Peach City, Georgia, mystery looms as Sheriff Nick Dunn of the Carter County Sheriff’s Office embarks on an investigation into the crime, one that will lead him to a multitude of suspects, but who is responsible? The decedent’s wife, a victim of his endless mental and physical abuse? Gabby Morgan, the sister-in-law who loathes him because of the abuse of her sister? Paige Carlson, former best friend of his wife? Frank Rowan, groundskeeper at the cemetery, who the Sheriff takes an instant dislike to, and who also has a checkered past of his own? Is the disappearance of the body nothing more than a prank gone wrong, a random act of vandalism, or is there something much more sinister going on, something too incredulous to believe? Knowing that Patrice Cavanaugh is in grave danger, not only from her reanimated husband, but also from someone else close to her, Sheriff Dunn must race to find answers that will solve this case once and for all; and in doing so will bring him face to face with the horrible truth.

Table of Contents


PROLOGUE   Friday, October 11th – 9:15 a.m. – Kendall Funeral Home   Patrice Cavanaugh pulled her dark blue... Read Chapter

The Resurrection of Bradley Cavanaugh

The Mistress was ready for this.  Hell, she was more than ready.  Afterall, she had spent the past year planning and preparing ... Read Chapter

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The dead don't always stay buried...