Light has always dazzled us with the patterns it reveals to our minds - organic processors that worship the illuminated.


We never have to be without light now that we’re all mighty shamans with magic crystals in our hands, but It wasn’t like that then. 


John wasn’t trying to look important on that Tuesday as he asked Mabel to please type a letter for him in the morning. It just so happens that he caught up to her smack dab in the middle of a rush hour sunset that graced them with the powers of the heavens. So there they stood like two cinematic stars in a film noir for those who passed. 


That’s why Frank and Emma, who were passing nearby, couldn’t tear their eyes away from them as they rushed for the train through the hall of dancing light and shadows. 


Only moments before, Emma and Frank had finished their workdays as they often did. They both dreamt of meeting their soulmates, but hadn’t noticed that they walked in and out of the train station together every day for 5 years - one usually just a moment behind the other. In their search for a twin flame, they never thought to look for a complimentary shadow. Their eyes were too busy darting about from sparkle to sparkle, hoping to find something to call theirs.


If only Frank and Emma were more aware of their shadows, they might have recognized how perfectly they fit together like two stretched imperfect puzzle pieces. They might have even taken notice of the one time they waited to board the same train. Their shadows merged and existed together for a moment- one bulbous dark spot, still and full of potential. 


Maybe they would have considered that we often find a true connection at our very darkest - but  it’s doubtful. Most people don’t usually stop to think about stuff like that.


Shadows certainly don’t. Shadows mix, mingle, flirt and linger, but they don’t think. They’re just castings of ourselves, stretching to join other shadows - evidence we all exist in the spotlight sometimes. And yet, we can become so blinded by the illuminated around us, we miss what our shadows say about where we’re headed.


On that Tuesday, it was a good balance of light and shadows that finally brought these two together.


If they hadn’t been so busy staring at John and Mabel in the light, they would have seen their shadows gravitating closer and closer and predicted that a bodily collision was about to bring their penumbras together once more.


The pair found their moment in the spotlight as they lay suddenly sprawled in a heap like a pile of lazy cats soaking up the sun. Eyes darted their way as they laughed at their shadow of tangled limbs, and it was here they found a connection -  no more important than any other but it was theirs. And it was nice.


Submitted: April 17, 2020

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