The world of Avern has moved on. It has been almost a thousand years since the day the entire pantheon disappeared. Since the Abandonment, the mortals have learned to live without gods and goddesses. The world became mundane with little magic, and even less hope. Tyrants have risen, and those able to wield what is left of magic are powerful. Forces surge in the darkness that threaten to topple the already fragile world. The plight of the world of Avern is not unknown, however, and those that watch from a distance have decided to intervene. The mortals are sleeping, however, unknowing that two great powers will soon by vying for control.

Then something happens that changes things. A young princess makes a bid for power by murdering her father. She then attempts to murder her sister, the crown princess of Lineria, Keiara. Despite a true strike, aided by dark powers, Keiara doesn’t die. Instead, the strike pierces the barrier between her human soul and the soul sleeping within her, the soul of the Dark Phoenix. More than a goddess, the Dark Phoenix is the legendary mother of the gods. She is a part of the Eternal Phoenix that brought life to their world eons ago, one of the primal forces of the cosmos.

Table of Contents

Prologue: The Roll of Ages

The ages roll on endlessly, Whether we move ourselves or not. We must move Or be rolled over and forgotten. --Serista, Se... Read Chapter

Solstice Eve Blood Moon

The moon rimmed in fire red, Will bring tidings of the dead. So, watch the skies, child born high; For they, in wait for you,... Read Chapter

A Princess Becomes an Outcast

The King is good, the King is kind, The best king you’ll ever find. He loves his family and us all, Hail to the King, never... Read Chapter

A Paladin Becomes a Champion

Balance is the key to all life. Without the balance of life, All would perish. --Ancient aphorism, unknown origin   ... Read Chapter

A Servant Becomes a Savior

The Veil falls over the Sight. The Veil falls over our ways. The Veil heralds the end of us, The Veil has numbered our days. ... Read Chapter

A Monk Becomes a Student

There will pass into the world fires of life and death carried forth by the Eternal Phoenix. --Litany of the Ages   ... Read Chapter

A Ranger Becomes a Disciple

  Into the night, into the end, we walk. Into the day, into the beginning, we walk. We were here when it began, And ... Read Chapter

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Chapter One is gripping and dramatically written. I enjoyed reading it.

Thu, June 24th, 2021 5:53am

Murray Salisbury

I've just read the first dozen or so paragraphs of Chapter 1. A very, very entertaining read Bev.

Fri, September 17th, 2021 9:12am


Thanks! It's something I've worked on a long time so it's nice to see it come to fruition.

Fri, September 17th, 2021 6:09am

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