The Sullens

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Thrillers  |  House: Booksie Classic

Table of Contents

The Heights

  He was never really sure how to react when these things happened. It unfolded as it so often did: walking down the street, t... Read Chapter

Home Life

  The rest of the school day passed like a blur.  Deuce could barely pay attention in his classes, the run-in with the ... Read Chapter

Bonding over Parallels

If Deuce ever set out to put together a list of the five hundred activities he most enjoyed doing, baby-sitting for Sam would not place... Read Chapter

A Thief in the Night

Deuce clutched his backpack closer as he headed toward his house, stopping before he crossed the street to let the school bus pass in f... Read Chapter

Teeterbaum Tardy

This was the first time a home he lived in had been robbed. He might have known of plenty of other people who had their houses and apar... Read Chapter

A Classroom Knockout

The Sullens might not be known for their charitableness, did not have a practice of passing out turkeys to the homeless shelters on Tha... Read Chapter

A Principal Meeting

Deuce hated to stare at his hands for thirty minutes straight, but he was unable to think of anything else to do as he sat glued to his... Read Chapter

A Hushed Call

Dissecting power balances was something Deuce was grateful he had yet to have any practice doing. Such a consideration hardly crossed h... Read Chapter

The Burger Joint Meetup

Chapter 9  Seven fifty P.M.   A chill had started to fall over Litchfield an hour earlier, the temperature se... Read Chapter

A Small World After All

  Deuce struggled to get a minute of sleep the night he arrived back home from Steve’s Burger Joint. The awful feeling in hi... Read Chapter

The Favorite Pastime

Ursuline did not have a penchant for showing up early. Not only did she lack the habit of promptness, but Deuce would peg the per... Read Chapter

Messages Over Yogurt

Sam insisted on swirling her own yogurt in her cup from the machine, and her mess made it clear Deuce should have told her to go easy on ... Read Chapter

The Question of Contact

Deuce knew the wise decision would be to keep himself far removed from Jerome’s situation. There were enough stories about criminals ... Read Chapter

A Mission From Above

Any worries about Principal Malone dragging his feet were allayed before first period on Monday. Fully prepared to be the one to se... Read Chapter

House Arrest

Deuce had a voicemail waiting on his phone after school, and he wasted zero time checking it after he left the crowded noise of the after... Read Chapter

Speaking of Spangler

The recording app Principal Malone provided was simple to use. It sent any conversations that were recorded directly to the cloud, where ... Read Chapter


The curtain of secrecy The Sullens pulled around their organization over the preceding decades made their rituals and goals anyone’s be... Read Chapter

The Chain Link

Even if there had not been a thunderstorm tearing at the outside of their house, Deuce still would not have been able to go to sleep. N... Read Chapter

An Inopportune Mixup

Blake had a difficult walk home through the sheets of wind-driven rain, propelled forward largely by anger at himself for losing his co... Read Chapter

A Curbside Confrontation

Ro’Dontell being the weakest link to anything was something that would strike most Wallow Heights Warriors as laughable. Those wo... Read Chapter

We Know About Spangler

  Torrance turned back to him after the conferral with Ro’Dontell, a look of near-surrender on his face. “I knew letti... Read Chapter

Quick Thinking

Speaking the words he was asked to relay to his video-game-artist-formerly-known-as-best-friend felt like a blindfolded step off the high... Read Chapter

Buried Treasure

Deuce pushed the scenarios from his mind that could threaten to unfold after Jerome left. Principal Malone’s vehicle was like a shark... Read Chapter

A Telling Scrawl

It had taken Jerome ten minutes to make it to the ballpark, so they gave it a margin of error of one minute either way for him to make ... Read Chapter

Realization Dawns

Principal Malone and Torrance had idled in the car long enough. Something was not right. Ro’Dontell had gone up to Jerome’s front d... Read Chapter

Wrapping It Up

  It took Spangler a grand total of four minutes to retrieve the report card from the suitcase full of belongings he had plopp... Read Chapter

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