His Fantasy Made Real

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Gay and Lesbian  |  House: Booksie Classic

Elliot lives a normal life for a college student in St. Louis, MO. At least, he thinks he does. Then, he realizes that he has a peculiar need, and has no idea how to get it fulfilled. After viewing videos of men being forced by other men, he decides to go online and see what he can find. He finds an online forum and tells everything he wants. He moves on, forgetting about it until a fateful night he goes on a date with a new girl. His night doesn't end up the way he planned at all, it ends up much better when she takes him home. It turns out, she's not the one with plans for him that night.

Consensual Non-Consent role play, female voyeur.

Elliot Turner thought he had a pretty easy life. He was a student at the University of Missouri in St. Louis. He struggled a bit with his self-esteem, but it was nothing he couldn’t overcome. He was overly self-conscious about his weight, but he tried not to let it bother him. He was also rather short, only five feet five inches, which made his weight a bit of a problem for his height, leaving him with a rather chubby figure around the middle. He had tried working out when he was in high school, but it had been hard to keep up with it once he started college. Besides, he was far too busy with his coursework to deal with it. To compensate, he became a serial dater, and was always with different girls. None seemed to stick, though, and he rarely had a second or third date with the same girl.

Then one night Andrew, his dorm roommate at the time, was watching something on his phone. It sounded like porn, but he didn’t hear a woman’s voice.

“Dude, you gotta see this,” Andrew muttered. “This is the sickest shit I’ve ever seen.”

“Really?” Elliot was curious so he went over to Andrew’s bed to look at his phone.

“It’s three guys going at it with another dude, can ya believe it?” Andrew said in a disgusted tone. “It’s bad enough it’s all dudes, but the way they’re doing it, it’s like they’re raping the other guy! I mean, people actually enjoy shit like this?”

Elliot stared at the video in disbelief as a strange feeling washed over him. Not only was it gay porn, it was a gang rape. Three men were forcing themselves on another man. Elliot’s heart sped up and his breath became rapid. His mouth went dry and he had no idea what to do with the feelings that were coursing through him. It was perverse. It was twisted. It was the most amazing thing he’d ever seen.

Afterward, he went back to his own bed. The problem was that he kept seeing and hearing the video in his mind, no matter how hard he tried to forget it.

* * * * *

It weighed on his mind over the next few weeks. He had to have something wrong with him. He just had to. The way he was feeling couldn’t be normal, he thought. Not for a straight guy who was just your average guy. Something had to be off in his brain, something sick and twisted. But they made the video for people who liked that kind of stuff, people who enjoyed watching something like that. People who wanted to participate in something like that. But that was the problem he had.

It wasn’t that he wanted to participate by perpetrating a gang rape like that. No, the problem was he very much wanted to be gang raped like that.

Now, he laid in bed under the covers with his earbuds in and watched the tiny images dance on his phone. He was vaguely glad his roommate was on a date tonight and would sleep over at his girlfriend’s house. His breath was bated as he watched the set up for the video unfold. It was typical, young man goes to the wrong part of town at night. He encounters a dark figure, then more appear. Elliot’s heart began to beat faster with the anticipation of what he guessed he was about to see.

He slipped his hand down to stroke himself, finding the arousal almost painful. The young man was grabbed, stripped of his clothes, and thrown to the ground as they laughed at him. Elliot could see he had genital piercings and vines tattooed across his side. One of men, with strikingly pale hair, came up with some rope and tied his arms behind his back, then cinched his ankles to his thighs. Elliot’s hand slipped up and down his dripping length as he started to pant a little. The first man pushed him forward and began to take him roughly from behind. Another one forced his mouth open and began to violently fuck his mouth. It was almost too much for Elliot to stop from going over the edge immediately, but he slowed down because he didn’t want to come until he was done watching the video.

He bit down on his lip hard because he was throbbing with need by this time, but the video wasn’t quite done yet. After the two guys was done, they flipped the bound one to his back on the ground, forcing his legs apart. The third guy came forward and pinned him harshly as he brutally ground into him. Now, Elliot grabbed himself tightly at the base to try and stop from coming. The video was longer than the other gang rape videos, and actually good quality, even on the small phone screen. The young man on the screen was crying as one of them pushed his head back and began to come onto his face.

The video ended abruptly, and Elliot wondered if there was more of it. He’d have to look and see if he couldn’t find a longer version of it. It must have been cut from a longer piece. He put his phone to the side and reached down with one hand while he stroked himself with the other. He slipped two fingers into himself, hissing at the sudden stretch. This time he was too impatient to go slow. If he had his own place, he would have ordered something bigger, but he couldn’t have something like a dildo or a vibrator around in the dorms. That was just asking for trouble.

As it was, he imagined himself in the place of the young man on the video, being held down, fucked mercilessly, used like a cock sleeve and nothing more… It only took a few moments until he came all over his hand, quite a bit because it had been a while since his roommate had gone away for the night. He reached over and grabbed the tissues, cleaning himself up and tossing them in the trash and straightening his pajamas. His heart was still beating too fast, though, and in his mind the images replayed again and again.

* * * * *

A couple weeks later, he’d been looking for similar videos and someone had posted a link in the comments on the video he’d found. The link was for a website called the Real Fantasies Forum. The comment said it was good for people who liked this kind of thing. What’s more, the person said the forum was based out of St. Louis and sometimes there were meetups in the city.

After he registered for the website, he browsed around the place to find it was for people who liked the same sort of things that he did. He excitedly read about other people’s experiences, their fantasies, weird feelings when they saw violent imagery, all of it. He couldn’t believe there were other people like him. He didn’t feel as alone as before. He noted there were both women and men on the forum. There were subforums for straight men, gay men, straight women, gay women, bisexual men, and bisexual women. He went to the forum for straight men and was disappointed; it was all women dominating men. There were some who talked about having a woman peg them with a strap on, and while it sounded kind of hot, it wasn’t what he was looking for. He frowned and chose the forum for gay men and found just what he was looking for.

But he wasn’t gay. At least he didn’t think he was gay. However, he frowned when he found exactly what he was looking for in that subforum. Maybe he was gay? Now he had no idea now what to think.

No, I’m not gay, he thought and closed the page. He wasn’t. He was straight, and straight men didn’t fantasize about being raped by other men. He swallowed hard and made a vow to not go back to it again.

Instead, he signed up for some dating apps and started going on dates with some girls. It was nice, and he enjoyed himself. It even led to sex a few times. But it wasn’t the same. He couldn’t get off unless he started thinking about one of the videos he had seen. He didn’t know what to do, but he knew he was confused. So, back to the Real Fantasies Forum he went. He posted some questions, about if it was normal for a straight guy to have those kinds of fantasies. He got a resounding no, straight guys wouldn’t fantasize about other men doing them, it would be women.

Now he was even more confused than before. He’d never questioned his sexuality before, he’d never had a reason to. However, now, with the replies he was getting, he had to wonder. He thought about every date he’d ever had with a girl, and how they never felt right. Something was always missing, and he had never been able to put his finger on it. And after he found the videos, he had to think of them while he was having sex with a girl. He knew it couldn’t be normal. But he still liked girls a little bit. So maybe he was bisexual. Then again, did he really like girls, or did he try to like girls because that’s what he was supposed to do?

Then he came across a thread. It was talking about actually fulfilling fantasies and what people would do to get theirs fulfilled. There were people talking about arranging meetings with strangers to act out the scenarios in their head. They were talking about doing the very thing he wanted more than anything. What’s more, some of them were in St. Louis. There were also posts from other cities around the US and even other countries, but there were other people from St. Louis. Then there was a link posted by someone from the forum. It said it was for people in the area looking to get their fantasy fulfilled.

With bated breath, he opened the link and found himself on a website with a few questions. Name, address with entry codes, phone number, and fantasy were the only things asked. He checked the site address and it was still from the Real Fantasies Forums, just a different section. He hesitated. What would happen if he filled this out? Would someone come to him? Would some random stranger text him out of the blue? He swallowed and before he knew it, his fingers were typing out the details of his deepest, darkest fantasies. He submitted it. A popup confirmed his submission and then took him back to the previous forums.

Now, he guessed he would just have to wait.

* * * * *

After two months, nothing had happened, and Elliot got into a routine of living a relatively normal life for a college student. He would still watch the videos on weekends when his roommate was gone, and he would often go read through Real Fantasies Forum, sometimes answer posts, sometimes making new ones. There were excellent video recommendations, he found, and new websites he had never heard of with pictures and gifs. To be honest, he had almost forgotten about signing up on the questionnaire. When he did think of it, he imagined no one read those, and it was just for them to collect information. Strangely, he’d gotten no spam despite giving all of his personal information.

He was still going on dates through a dating app he liked. No matter what happened, they left him unfulfilled, and now that he had explored it, he knew why, but he didn’t want to put himself in any real danger. He just wanted to feel like he was in real danger.

He sighed, changing his clothes for his date tonight. His current roommate James Reyes, who was lying back in his own bed, looked up at him. “Well, well, another date Casanova? What’s that, the third one this week?”

Elliot smirked. “Yeah, yeah, just can’t seem to find the right girl,” he mumbled with another sigh as he finished buttoning up his shirt. “But this girl is cute, look.” He passed over his phone to show him a picture.

“Holy breasts Batman!” James exclaimed. “She’s got cleavage for miles. But she’s got pink hair. You know what they say about the ones with strangely colored hair.”

“What do they say about them?” Elliot sat down to tie his shoes.

“Well, you know, something,” James stammered, obviously not knowing any more about the subject.

“Ha, well, see you in the morning if all goes well.” Elliot smoothed a hand through his longish blond hair and put his phone in his pocket. He grabbed his keys before heading out the door.

“Don’t do anything I wouldn’t do! Hell, don’t do anything I would do!” James called after him.

Elliot was meeting this girl at a Randy’s. It was a short drive. He thought it would be the perfect place for good food which was relatively cheap. He pulled up and saw her immediately, so he parked next to her. She was leaning back on a blue sports car smoking a cigarette. He didn’t remember it saying she smoked on her profile. Well, one little thing wouldn’t matter. He’d tolerate the smoke because she was gorgeous. She was all curves and wearing a black dress that accentuated every one of them. She did have brightly dyed pink hair in a short cut around her face. The color accented her dark skin nicely. And, as his roommate had pointed out, she had large breasts. He walked up to her, waving as he approached.

“You must be Elliot. Nice to meet you. I’m Angelica. Let me put this out, and we can go in.” She smiled.

Now that he was seeing her in person, he wondered exactly how old she was because she definitely was older than twenty. There was no way she was less than twenty-five or so. He shrugged. He could handle an older woman. She was also taller than him, he noted, especially since she had on heels.

Once inside, the waitress seated them at a table and asked, “What’ll ya have to drink?”

“Just a water for me,” Elliot replied.

Angelica smiled, moving her rolled silverware to the other side of the table. “Iced tea, sweet,” she told the waitress.

After the waitress left, leaving the menus, they both looked over the food choices. “Do you come here often?” Angelica asked.

“Oh, just now and then,” he answered, still deciding what to eat. He actually had brought his previous date to this same Randy’s. He’d been worried about getting the same waitress, but he’d gotten lucky and they had a different one.

“I haven’t been out to eat in a while,” Angelica said, putting down the menu and looking across the table at him. “But I know what I want already.”

“Really? That was quick,” he commented, deciding on his own food just as the waitress came back.

“I’ll have the chef salad,” Angelica told her.

“And I’ll have a bacon cheeseburger and fries.” 

“Alright, we’ll have it right out for ya,” the waitress stated and left them alone.

Elliot smiled across the table. “So, tell me about yourself.”

“Oh, I could talk on myself all night. I’m a photographer for local magazines like After Dark and St. Louis In Focus. I’ve worked as a freelancer for a long time now, ever since I graduated. I went to school at UMSL, actually, and I saw on your profile that you go there too.” She sipped the tea thoughtfully.

“Yeah, I’m in the nursing program,” he said, nodding as he took a sip of his water.

“Nursing? I don’t hear too many guys who go into the nursing field. What made you decide to go into that?”

“Well, I’ve always liked caring for other people. I thought about being a doctor, but you know, it’s the nurses who really spend the time with the patients, not the doctors.”

“What type of nurse do you want to be?”

“Oh, I’m thinking about neurology or oncology. The only thing I’m not really interested in is delivering babies. I mean, I know I’ll have to do an obstetrics rotation, but I’d rather not it be my particular field, you know?” he sighed, thinking about it.

“That’s cool, though.”

“I take it you went to school for photography?” he asked.

“Oh, yes, I love photography. I could spend hours talking about it, but I’m sure you’re not interested in all that stuff.”

“Well, I’m interested in what you’re interested in,” Elliot responded.

“Aw, that’s sweet of you. Hmm, let’s see. As I told you in my messages, I use my brother’s car. His name is Deandre. He works full time but takes night classes out at UMSL too. He’s got a roommate named David that’s also going to school. Let’s see, oh, I hang out a lot with them and a friend of ours named Tommy. Tommy has his own place though. We often have dinners together. I’m really close to my brother, well, I call him my brother, we’re actually childhood friends, so we see each other a lot, and I see David with him all the time. We also have another friend a bit older than us named Robert that I’ve met a couple times. We had dinner with him a few weeks ago, but it was nice because he paid for everyone,” she told him, crossing her arms over her chest as she talked. “Deandre was glad to let me borrow the car for tonight. He thinks it’s funny when I have dates, because eventually, whoever I date has to meet him. He’s a tough guy, but only on the outside. He’s really a teddy bear, you know the type.”

“Oh, yeah, sure.” Elliot nodded.

“David’s a great guy too. He’s been a really great friend to Deandre over the last few years. They started out being in the same dorm room at UMSL, and things just went from there. Oh, I’m the older one, by the way, but he takes care of me even though I try to take care of him. We just have a lot of fun as a group, you know?” she said, reaching up and smoothing a hand over her short, pink hair. “Tommy’s got a girlfriend, but they’re open about other people, so he has side chicks all the time, but at least they know they’re on the side. Deandre and David are both single right now, but they date people now and then.”

Elliot didn’t know what to think of all this talk of other guys, but he guessed she must have been really close to them.

They looked up to see that the waitress was coming over with their food.

“Oh wow, that was fast. They’re really on the ball here tonight,” Elliot commented as she sat the plates down. He was kind of glad for the distraction because listening to her go on about her male friends was so strange.

They ate in silence for a few minutes until she spoke up again. “So, you get lots of dates on the app?”

“Um, yeah,” Elliot said before he thought better of it. “Haven’t found the right one, though.”

“Aw, that’s cute. You’re looking for the one girl you’ll spend a lifetime with, huh?” She grinned.

“I guess you could say that. I think I haven’t fit with any of the matches I’ve made so far. Why are you on a dating app?” Elliot asked. “I mean, you seem to have everything going for you, why in the world would you need to come to online dating?”

Angelica smiled broadly. “Oh, just a little diversion. Sometimes I like to go out and have a good time with no stress on the dating scene. It can be nice to go out without expectations, you know.” She shrugged.

Elliot frowned a little because he had some expectations, and they led back to her place for the night. He cleared his throat. “Do you have any other family? I mean other than your friend, Deandre?”

“Not really. That’s why Deandre and I got so close. I didn’t have any brothers or sisters, and neither did he, so we just kinda watched out for each other like family. I had a pretty shitty father who left when I was nine, and Deandre’s dad was always amazing and helped my mom out with stuff when she needed it. His mom was real nice, too. She always made cookies when I came over. It’s a wonder I wasn’t obese as a child from the way that woman cooked!” She laughed and took another bite.

Elliot shifted a little uncomfortably at the mention of weight. So far tonight, he hadn’t been thinking about his own. He smoothed a hand over his stomach under the table and smiled despite the sick feeling it left in the pit of his belly.

“My mom wasn’t much of a cook,” he said. “We ate a lot of takeout when I was growing up. I grew up in St. Peters, and that’s where I went to school. Are you from St. Louis or somewhere else?”

“St. Louis my whole life!” she exclaimed, picking up her glass and taking a long drink. “You didn’t say if you had any brothers or sisters?”

“Oh, I actually have four. Three older sisters and a younger brother. We’re all close together in age, though, so my oldest sister is only five years older than me.” He smiled, taking a bit to think about how to explain the next part. “But my mom is raising one of my sister’s kids right now.”

“Oh really? How’d that happen?”

“Well, Daniella got into drugs when she was a teenager, and ended up pregnant. She’s twenty-three now, but she’s still out there partying it up. So, my mom has custody of her son. He’s a great kid, but he had some birth defects from her being on meth while she was pregnant.” He paused, sighing. “Albert is his name. He just has some intellectual delays and some behavior issues. But my mom’s working on it with him, and he’s not doing too bad. He’s come a long way since he was born early and tiny, so that’s good.”

“I’m sorry to hear your sister isn’t in a good place, it has to be tough on the whole family.” She had a look on her face Elliot wasn’t sure how to place.

“Yeah, holiday dinners are always a trip,” Elliot smiled wanly. Suddenly his burger didn’t look as appetizing as it had.

“What about your other sisters and brother?”

“Oh, that’s not too bad. My oldest sister, Candance, is married and has two kids already. She lives in St. Peters still, that’s where my parents live, then there’s Brandy. She’s only a year older than me, so she’s still in school. She’s going to Lindenwood, though. She’s into some program for sociology. Then, I’m closest to my little brother, Jason. He is two years younger than me and just graduated high school. He’s started at UMSL this fall, undeclared major, so far. He doesn’t know what he wants to do yet.” He grinned a bit. “Boys gotta stick together with all those older girls!”

“I imagine,” she said, putting her fork down on her mostly empty plate.

Elliot finished off the burger, his appetite coming back after they got off the subject of Daniella. “You said your dad left, is you mom still around?”

“Oh yeah, she’s still around. I see her about once a week. We keep up with each other pretty closely.”

The waitress came and cleared their plates, leaving the ticket. Elliot picked it up and pulled out his card to pay. He always paid for his dates, which was why sometimes he had spaces of time he didn’t date when he was low on funds.

 “So, what do you want to do after this?”

“Well, dinner and a movie are always fun,” she mused. “There’s a couple good ones showing tonight. Unless you want to go see a play I’ve been dying to see.”

“A play? Which one?”

Much Ado About Nothing. I have a weakness for Shakespeare and this one stars a black actor. It’s a new theater company which just started up. Oh, but we probably won’t be able to get tickets. So, I guess a movie is our only option,” she said a little sadly. “I’ll have to catch the show before it ends.”

Glad he’d saved up the last couple weeks, he smiled at her. “Awesome. Let’s go.”

“Oh, why not just take my car?” she mentioned as they got up to pay.

“Uh, sure, I guess, but what about mine?” he asked as they got to the counter. He paid the ticket, signing the receipt and adding an appropriate tip to it.

“Make sure it’s locked up and I can bring you back to it after we’re done.” She smiled at him as they headed out the door.

Elliot nodded. “Alright, sounds good. No reason to waste gas, right?” He smiled again. “Let me make sure it’s locked,” he said, pulling out his key fob and clicking the lock again just to make sure. “Okay. Shall we?”

“Please.” She walked over to her borrowed car. It was a very nice car, Elliot thought as he got in. He wasn’t a car guy, but he thought it seemed like something fancy. “It’s my brother’s, like I said,” she commented as she buckled her seatbelt.

“Oh, yeah. It’s a nice car.”

They headed out to the movie theater and once there, they easily agreed on a film to see. They got a couple drinks and a tub of popcorn. Elliot was actually looking forward to this movie, but halfway through it, he realized he hadn’t put any moves on her at all. And she didn’t seem to be giving any signals either. He swallowed and wondered what she was thinking. The rest of the movie, he thought more on it and missed the ending because he was so distracted. The way things were going, he was going to end up back at the dorms tonight.

“That was great!” she exclaimed as they walked back to the car. “I had a wonderful time!” She smiled at him.

“Oh, me too!” Elliot agreed. “What now?”

She frowned and tapped her chin. “I know, we should go back to my place for a nightcap, what do you say?”

Elliot grinned. “Oh, sure, that sounds like fun.” Maybe tonight wouldn’t be a wash after all.

They arrived at lovely looking house away from everything outside the city in Chesterfield. There were no neighbors close by, and it was surrounded by a thick hedge. She got out and gestured for him to follow her. He did, watching the way her skirt rode up her thigh a little as she walked. She led him in and to a kitchen, where she poured them each a glass of wine.

“Are you even old enough to drink?” she asked, smiling. “Your profile said you were twenty-one, but I don’t believe it.”

Blushing a little, he ducked his head. “Well, I’m twenty, so I’m close enough,” he muttered, sipping his wine.

“Want a little tour?” She finished her wine in one long drink, surprising him.

“Uh, sure.” He downed his own glass to catch up with her. If he felt a little heady, he didn’t let it bother him. He wasn’t used to alcohol very often after all. 

She led him around, showing him all the rooms until they got to the last room: her bedroom.

“And this is my room,” she said, gesturing to the closed door.

“Oh, um, can I see what it looks like?” he asked, trying to seem casual about it. This is where he had hoped to end up for the night.

Smiling again, she glanced between him and the door. “Oh, are you sure you want me to open this door?”

He arched a brow at her and nodded. “Um, yeah, that’s what I said…”

“Okay,” she smirked and pushed the door open, stepping back to let him in. The room was pitch black, though. Because the hall light only lit up the very inside of the doorway, he couldn’t see anything beyond a couple feet. “The light switch is just in the door there.” She stepped back.

Elliot was a bit confused at the way she was acting but he stepped into the doorway and reached for the light.

Immediately, someone grabbed him by the wrist and yanked him into the dark room. He gasped as he felt another person grab his other arm. He still couldn’t see anything, but now he heard breathing. There were people in this room, hiding in the dark!

“Hey, let me go!” he yelped, and then someone wrapped a piece of fabric between his lips, forcing his mouth open, gagging him.

“Mumph!” he tried as he felt both arms twisted behind him one on top of the other and rope against his skin. They were tying his arms behind his back! His heartrate skyrocketed and he wondered just what was going on here.

“Angelica, be a dear and hit the light,” he heard a man’s smooth voice from nearby.

Suddenly, the room was awash in light. It took a second for his eyes to adjust, but then he could see clearly. He was standing at the foot of a king-sized sleigh bed placed in the center of the room. At the head of it, sat a man with dirty blond hair pulled back in a ponytail and tattooed sleeves on both arms. Standing beside the bed was a man with long dyed green hair and piercings in his eyebrows, nose, and ears. Both were grinning at him. The only other thing in the room was a chair that sat in the corner where a man with short brown hair was sitting with his legs crossed. Someone was behind him, hands locked around his biceps. He heaved rapid breaths as he stared at the man in the chair.

“Ah, what have we here?” the brown-haired man said as he stood up slowly. His eyes were dark brown, and Elliot could see he was tanned. He was wearing a beige business suit and a red tie. He walked over and cupped Elliot’s face in his hands, and when Elliot jerked away from him, he slapped him. “No, no, none of that. You don’t seem to realize your position, do you?”

Elliot turned his head to get a look at the one holding his arms behind him. This man was much taller than Elliot with dark skin, a shaved head, and a broad grin. Elliot swallowed, feeling spit drip from the edges of his mouth. The sound of a shutter caused him to growl against the gag and he turned his head the other way to see Angelica was standing just inside the door, fiddling with a camera.

“I told you I was a photographer, Elliot,” she said as she moved closer. “What I didn’t tell you was that while our date was fun, it wasn’t going anywhere. I’m a lesbian and very happy with my girlfriend Terri.”

Elliot’s eyes widened. It was all a lie? The whole thing?

“He’s fit enough,” came the gruff voice from the guy holding him. “A little meaty, but he’s alright.” Elliot struggled again, but the guy had an iron grip on him.

Angelica snapped a picture, the flash blinding him for a second. “I believe I’ve already told you about everyone tonight. This is Robert,” she said, gesturing to the brown-haired man in front of him. He turned forward to stare at him. “Behind you is Deandre, my brother. And the one on the bed there is David, and the last is Tommy.”

He tried to say, “What do you want with me” but it came out “wot oo oo ant ith ee” and the one holding him from behind jerked him a little.

“Oh, we’re going to have some fun, Elliot, was it?” Robert murmured, putting a hand on his chest over his heart for a second. “But first, let’s get rid of these clothes. They’re in the way.”

Elliot started to struggle again, but Deandre only yanked on his arms more. Robert started unbuttoning Elliot’s shirt very slowly. He looked down, watching him go down the buttons. He was panting behind the gag by the time the last one came undone, his shirt falling open. Robert smoothed his hands over Elliot’s chest, pausing to pinch painfully at his nipples. He had never been touched like this by another man, and no one had ever messed with his nipples before. It hurt, but at the same time, he kind of liked the feeling of having them touched.

“Good, good, he’s responsive. It won’t be a boring night after all.” Robert smiled as his fingers went for the button on Elliot’s slacks. Elliot tried to move back away from the wandering hands only to have the back of his head smacked by Deandre.

“Be still, dammit, or yer gonna get hurt worse,” he growled, and Elliot didn’t know what to do.

He felt his shirt being pulled down his arms and Deandre tying it around his bound forearms. Robert slipped his slacks down off his hips. He pulled on the band of his boxer shorts and then slipped them down as well so both pooling at his feet. Robert hummed and reached between Elliot’s legs, grasping his cock and stroking him. Elliot winced, the touching setting his body on fire as excited as he was right then.

“Ah, look, I think he’s enjoying himself,” Robert said after a few moments of stimulating him.

“No, op!” he yelled through the gag.

“No one here is going to stop until you are well, and truly fucked, do you understand?” Robert snarled as he grabbed his chin and tilted his head up toward him. “Do you get what’s happening now?”

Elliot couldn’t help the sudden wave of intense arousal that went over him. He was scared out of his mind, but somehow it was exciting at the same time.

“Come on, Robert, I’m getting bored,” David complained from the bed. “You can’t just play with him all night. I wanna see some tears in those beautiful blue eyes of his.”

Robert smirked. “Of course, I wouldn’t want anyone to get bored. Deandre, lay him down over here on his stomach,” he gestured toward the bed.

He fought the hold and stumbled as Deandre dragged him towards the bed, but he couldn’t get away as he was bent over it. He felt someone removing his shoes, then his pants and boxers from around his ankles. He turned his head to the side and glared at the one named David.

“He’s got fire, I give him that.” David grinned, reaching out to ruffle a hand through Elliot’s hair.

“Ng!” he grunted, shaking his head.

“He’s a little chunky, but he’s got a nice, tight ass,” he heard one of them say, and felt hands sliding against his ass.

“But has he had it plowed before, is the question.” Deandre slid his hand down and shoved a finger deep inside him. It was somewhat painful but didn’t seem to be as painful as he expected. He guessed they were using something slick to make easier.

“Ah!” he gasped, feeling the strange sensation of someone else touching him there. It wasn’t like when he did it himself at all; it felt immeasurably better.

“I think he plays with himself,” Deandre said, twisting and working another finger into him, making Elliot whine. “He’s not as tight as he should be if he were really a virgin. Wonder if he’s got toys.”

Elliot squeezed his eyes shut and tried to think about anything but the questing fingers inside him. Elliot hummed loudly as he started brushing up against something which felt really different and good, something he’d never reached with his own fingers. He felt him put a hand on his lower back to hold him in place and then start plunging his fingers harder into him. He felt tears already. He couldn’t stop them, whether from shame or frustration, he didn’t know.

“Here, let me get a good angle,” Angelica said, her voice making him open his eyes and look up.  She had appeared where Elliot could see her. She snapped a picture and moved away.

“I want his cherry,” Deandre stated, fingers still buried inside him. “It was my sister who found him for us.”

“Yes, go ahead. You can have first. Here,” he heard Robert say. Elliot looked over to the left and saw him standing at the end of the bed. Then he tossed something over him to Deandre.

Deandre leaned over his back and put his hands on Elliot’s shoulders, his hardness pressing up against his ass through his jeans. “You scared?” he growled as he thrust his hips into him.

“leese, no,” he whimpered through the gag.

“Nah, be a good boy, and I’ll take the gag off. It won’t matter because there ain’t no one who can hear you where we are even if you scream bloody murder.” Elliot could feel him keenly, and he couldn’t help the fact his own cock was throbbing worse right then. As scary as this should have been, as scary as it was, he couldn’t help how incredibly hard he was.

Elliot shut his eyes again and felt Deandre stand up. He heard the zipper of his jeans. Elliot panted, his heart hammering in his chest. This was it. Deandre was really going to do it. He was going to put his cock inside him. Just like all those videos he’d watched and masturbated to. He heard a snapping sound of a bottle opening, and then something cold dripped down the seam of his ass, making him jerk in surprise. He felt Deandre’s cock pressing against him, sliding against the outside until he pushed in enough to breech him with the tip. Elliot tensed, gasping at the strange feeling of pain and pressure.

“God dammit, relax, fuck,” Deandre growled. Then he pulled back, sliding completely out for a second, before he slid forward again until he was fully sheathed. This time he seemed to slide in easily. Elliot’s eyes flew open at the feeling of something that size going into him. He was obviously not small in any fashion.

“That’s tight,” Deandre commented, tossing something onto the bed. Elliot turned his head to the right and saw it was a bottle of clear stuff. The bed moved and Elliot saw David was still sitting at the head of the bed. He got up on his knees to reach over and picked up the bottle before tossing it to the side.

“Don’t take all night to get yer nut off,” David muttered. “I think I’m gonna play with his mouth some.”

Elliot shook his head, feeling Deandre slowly thrusting into him. David reached behind his head and untied the gag, pulling it off. Elliot gasped for air, feeling tears hot on his cheeks.

“Please, stop!” he begged.

Instead of stopping, Deandre only got a bit faster and David grabbed him by the hair to jerk his head back. “Now, you bite, you don’t get out of here alive, understand?” David told him.

Elliot believed him. Deandre grabbed his bound forearms in one hand and his shoulder with the other so he could pull him until he was standing enough so that David could reach his face. David moved up to him and pulled himself out of the jeans he was wearing and pressed his cock up against his lips. Elliot opened slightly, and David snapped his hips, shoving himself deep into his mouth and throat. Elliot gagged, choking slightly on him because he was not small either.

“Do a good job, or you’re going to be sucking Deandre’s cock next after he’s done fucking your ass,” Robert commanded from nearby.

“Good positioning!” Angelica announced before snapping a few more pictures.

Elliot couldn’t concentrate on anything except the cock in his mouth and the one filling his ass. He managed to figure out how to breathe around him, taking heavy breaths through his nose when he pulled back before shoving forward again. He felt his stomach try to rebel and almost thought he was going to vomit up everything he’d eaten at dinner, but he managed to stop it before it happened.

“If you puke on me, you’re going to be so sorry,” David admonished as he gripped his hair even tighter.

Elliot didn’t know how long it had been since they started fucking him, but it felt like forever. It felt better than he had ever dreamed, though, and he could feel himself dripping continuously. Suddenly, Deandre leaned over him again, thrusting hard and sliding a hand from his arms underneath him to grab his cock.

“He’s leaking like crazy,” Deandre said, and Elliot felt his face heat up. He had to be harder than he’d ever been in his life.

“I think he likes it,” Robert snarked. “Finish up so he can service me.”

“Yeah, yeah, I’ll bust my nut soon enough,” Deandre growled, fucking into him harder than before.

Tears were streaming down his face constantly and he couldn’t stop them as David grabbed his head with both hands and shoved down into his throat with a grunt. Elliot felt the cock throb in his throat as he came. When David pulled out, Elliot coughed to try and clear his airway and he felt something dripping from his mouth. Behind him, Deandre seemed to be getting closer because he was ramming into him hard enough that he was shaking the bed. Elliot flexed his hands in their binding and let out a ragged moan.

“Ya sound like a bitch in heat.” Deandre continued jerking him off.

The words sent him over the edge, and he screamed as he came unexpectedly. Deandre paused, wiping his dirty hand on Elliot’s lower back, then thrust a couple more times until he slammed into him hard and Elliot could feel the pulsing of his cock as he came too. Finally, he pulled out, slapping his ass hard as he stepped back.

“Bring him here,” Robert said. Elliot glanced over to see that he was sitting in the chair again. Elliot had completely missed when Robert had moved away from the foot of the bed. His head was not entirely clear so he couldn’t be sure of anything at the moment.

Using the ropes and shirt around his forearms, Deandre yanked Elliot to his feet and led him stumbling over to Robert. “On yer knees, slut.”

Elliot fell to his knees without much thought. Robert grabbed his hair and forced his length into his throat until he struggled to breathe, then let him up enough to get a breath before shoving him back down on again. Elliot saw the flash of the camera again and knew Angelica was still in here taking pictures. He didn’t know how long he was used by Robert, being forced up and down, but eventually Robert tightened his hold on his hair and forced his head down all the way, sliding his cock down his throat and coming. Robert yanked him off and shoved him back, making Elliot lose his balance and fall to the floor onto his sore ass. He felt someone’s legs stop him from falling further and looked up to see Deandre still standing there behind him. He blinked, somewhat dazed, and turned back toward Robert who was staring at him from where he sat in the chair.

“Not bad for a newbie,” Robert told him, dragging a hand through Elliot’s now mussed hair.

Tommy came forward as Deandre stepped back and Tommy grabbed him by the forearms and dragged him up to his feet. He pulled him back to the bed where he fell onto his stomach again. “You’re not done yet, princess.”

“No, no more, please…” he whimpered. Tommy shoved at his ass, growling at him to get on the bed. Tommy climbed on to sit at the head where David had been sitting earlier. Elliot didn’t move from the position he’d fallen.

“Come here. You better not make me say it again.”

Elliot got up on his knees and moved toward him. As soon as he was close enough, Tommy reached out and grabbed him by the arm to pull him toward him to straddle his lap.

“Bottle?” Tommy requested, and David tossed it to him. Elliot had no idea when David had moved over to the side of the bed like that, but he was having trouble keeping track of everyone.

Elliot now realized the bottle was lube. At least they are using lube, he thought as Tommy poured some on his hand and slicked his cock with it. Tommy grabbed his hips to move him, so he was hovering over him.

“You’re going to ride, and you’re going to do it well, or we’re going to shove two cocks up your ass at the same fucking time.” Elliot gulped, thinking there was no way that was anatomically possible.

Tommy positioned him and Elliot felt the head at his entrance. Elliot supposed that this position was technically giving him control, but he definitely didn’t feel in control of anything. Elliot lowered himself slowly. It must have been too slow for Tommy because he thrust his hips up into him sharply. Elliot whimpered as he felt his cock shove the rest of the way into him. He didn’t know exactly how to ride someone, so he tried his best. After a few minutes of slowly riding him, Tommy growled and dumped him over on his back, slamming down into him without pulling out. Elliot groaned at the odd position since he was laying on his arms. Tommy lifted his legs up and rested them over his forearms. Elliot felt his cock against his stomach leaving stickiness behind and realized his own arousal had returned in full.

“This slut is already hard again,” Tommy snarled out as he thrust into him harshly.

“What kinda guy gets off on getting raped by four guys?” Deandre said from the other side of the bed.

Elliot felt his face flush red and he turned away, only to have it grabbed and yanked back to face Tommy again. “Don’t look away, bitch. I’m not done with you yet.” Tommy started brutally slamming right into the spot which felt really good every time he thrust in and out.

By that point, he was moaning pretty much nonstop. Elliot gasped as he suddenly orgasmed only from being fucked in the ass. Tommy grunted and thrust into him a couple more times before he shot inside him. After a second, he pulled out, leaving Elliot with the sensation of fluid dripping out of him. He thought they were done. They had to be done.

“I haven’t had his ass yet,” David said, getting Elliot’s attention.

David was standing beside the bed, apparently having been there the whole time. He leaned over and grabbed Elliot by the leg near the ankle and spun him toward him. Then he reached out and rolled him over to his stomach, leaving his legs dangling off the bed.

Before his mind could register what was happening, he plunged down into him with surprising ease. He whimpered as David fucked him, but this time he was doing his ass. Everything felt so amazing and good as he felt him moving in and out of him again and again. Elliot didn’t want David to stop. He saw the flash again out of the corner of his eye. How many pictures had she taken so far? He didn’t know, or care, he just wanted them to keep fucking him because he couldn’t think straight at all.

“He’s gonna get off again if you keep fucking him like that,” he heard Deandre say, and he was right. Elliot whined as he noticed his cock rubbed against the sheets and was hard once more.

“This bitch loves to be fucked. Such a cock whore,” David said as he thrust into him harder and faster.

“I’ve never seen a slut take this many dicks and still be able to get off on it,” Deandre laughed.

Elliot felt David come inside him then, leaving his own arousal throbbing and pressed between his belly and the sheets. David flipped him over on his back and laughed. “Look at this, he’s still dripping.”

Elliot moaned as David began stroking him. He knew he wouldn’t be able to last very long at the rate things were going. He couldn’t believe he’d already gotten off twice and was almost there a third time. He’d never ever been able to orgasm so many times before. Then, David leaned over and sucked Elliot into his mouth. Elliot’s eyes went wide, and he gasped at the sensation of his mouth on him. It wasn’t his first blow job, of course, he’d had girls do it before, but this felt different. Hotter and more…something. He couldn’t name it but there was something there. He nearly screamed when he came in David’s mouth.

Honestly, his mind was completely blank. Everything sort of blurred together and the world disappeared; he couldn’t think, he couldn’t move, he couldn’t do anything.

But the strangest thing happened. He felt someone untie his arms, and Elliot was wrapping his arms around whoever was nearest to him, clutching them desperately. He was still panting for breath, and he hurt in so many places; he felt completely amazing.

“There, now, yer alright,” he heard, and it sounded like Deandre.

“Have you got him?” That was Robert’s voice.

“Yeah, you can head home, we’ll take care of him,” came David’s voice from the other side of him.

“Call if you need anything,” Tommy said, and he heard the door open and close.

“I’ll leave you alone,” Angelica whispered and there was another bright camera flash behind his eyelids.

Elliot had no idea what was going on, but he needed something that he couldn’t name. He whimpered as he felt arms tighten around him. He felt someone’s fingers threading through his hair.

“There’s a good boy,” he heard, feeling hot breath on his ear from behind. “You did so well! Everything was intense and you were wonderful.”

“Yeah, you did good, just like we knew you would.” That was Deandre’s voice from in front of him.

He realized he was still crying, but it wasn’t like he was in pain or frustrated; it felt entirely different than before. Now he just felt warm and like the tears were draining everything negative away. He felt something soft against his naked skin, and the warmth of the other bodies where they clutched him tightly. He felt soft kisses on the back of his neck and his upper back, as well as against his face and throat, and it felt good. The hands gently stroking down his sides and through his hair were so comforting. He couldn’t explain the way he was feeling, but it was blissful and relaxing.

“I think he’s going to fall asleep before he comes out of it,” David’s voice was sounding far away behind him.

“It’s okay if you need to sleep, Elliot,” Deandre told him. “We’ll take care of everything, don’t worry. You’re safe and taken care of right now.”

Elliot felt his mind starting to blank out like he was falling asleep, but he was still keenly aware of the sensations of his body. Every ache, every pain was amplified, but instead of being something bad, it only served to remind him how good he was feeling right then. He sighed, tightening his grip on who he guessed was Deandre and nuzzled his face into his warmth. Suddenly, he had to sleep right then, and he fell into a deeper and more dreamless sleep than he’d ever had.

* * * * *

Sometime later, he woke up feeling comfortable and warm. He wasn’t sure what time it was, but he felt like he’d slept for quite a while. At first, he couldn’t remember what had happened, then as he started moving around, his sore body reminded him keenly of what had gone on the night before. His eyes flew open and he slowly sat up. He was in the bedroom in Angelica’s house. Obviously, he’d been cleaned up and someone had dressed him in a set of pajamas. He saw his clothes neatly hung on the hook behind the door. He got up a very slowly because of the pain and changed into his own clothes.

He opened the door and smelled food, causing his stomach to growl in hunger. He swallowed and followed the hallway back to the kitchen where Angelica was busy setting plates on the table. She looked up as he came into the room.

“Come on, sit down. You are probably hungry,” she said and indicated a chair. She sat down a plate with bacon, eggs, and toast on it.

It was like a dreamworld as he sat down. He jerked and had to adjust a little from the pain as he tried to get comfortable in the chair. He looked at the plate of food and a cup of tea, then looked up at her. She was wearing a set of flannel pajamas and she had no makeup on like the night before. She was acting like everything was normal. As if last night he hadn’t experienced what he did in this very house.

“The boys will be back in a minute,” she told him as he realized there were three other plates set out.

He heard talking coming from the hallway and looked up to see Deandre and David chatting with each other.

“Are you going to the Blues game this week?” Deandre asked, hands shoved in the pockets of his jeans as he walked.

“Nah, couldn’t get tickets and didn’t wanna bother Robert about it,” David replied.

They both turned to Elliot and smiled as they paused by the table. “Good morning, sweetheart,” Deandre said.

Elliot thought the whole thing was too surreal after what happened last night. Then it dawned on him.

“You’re all from the Real Fantasies Forums, aren’t you?” he asked glancing over to see Angelica smiling at him from across the table. He cleared his throat, realizing it was quite sore and his voice was rough sounding.

“Ah, I knew you were a smart one last night while we were out and about. You were even smart enough to let me prattle on about everything without interruption. That’s a rarity I find with men,” Angelica told him, and gestured to the cup of tea. “Now, drink your tea. It has honey and will help your throat.”

Deandre sat down next to him, and David across from Deandre. Deandre picked up his fork and looked over at Elliot. “Yeah, Robert runs the forums. He usually don’t get involved in the fun, but your message intrigued him and he wanted to come join us.”

“So, it was all an act,” Elliot mumbled, feeling somewhat amazed at everything.

“Of course, you don’t think we’d actually force someone against their will, do you?” David said around a mouthful of food.

“So, who’s house is this?” Elliot asked.

“Oh, it’s my house,” Angelica said, sitting down herself. “I just took you to the spare room I use when someone’s over. We’ve had this planned ever since we found you on the dating app and put together that you were the same person. You listed your email address publicly, and in your fantasy response, you said you liked to use that dating app to meet girls.”

“Yeah, you rambled on quite a bit, you know. One of the more detailed responses Robert’s ever gotten. Usually they’re just like ‘I want to be raped by a stranger’ and that’s it. You went all out.” David smiled at him.

“So, this Robert, he runs the forum and reads all those requests?” Elliot asked, eating slowly as he spoke.

“Yeah, he’s a big shot CEO of Reid Productions, but he’s always been interested in people and sex. I’ve known him for a couple of years because I’m an intern at his office building here in St. Louis,” Deandre explained. “David here is my roommate, and one day we happened to find out about what Robert did on the side.”

“How in the world did you do that?” When Elliot thought about it, his eyes went wide.

“David here’s a computer whiz. He hacked into the website and found out who hosted it and we got caught. To our surprise, Robert wasn’t really pissed so much as impressed David got around his security,” Deandre smirked.

“Yeah, I work for him now, too, because he hired me on the spot to help with his cyber security,” David said, shoveling a forkful of eggs in his mouth. “I’m finishing up my master’s program in computer science here at UMSL this year.”

“And I really am a photographer for a local magazine,” Angelica told him. “I do photo shoots on a regular basis for some amazing models in the area. And I got some phenomenal shots last night.”

Elliot’s face reddened. “You did? What are you going to do with them?”

“Oh, I thought you’d like something to commemorate the event, so I’m going to put together a memory book for you. It will be lovely!” she said with a grin, putting down her fork and standing up. She picked up her and David’s now empty plates.

“I want another egg, sis,” Deandre piped up. “If you will, please,” he said, giving her a pouty look.

She sighed dramatically. “I guess.” She turned and went back to the stove again.

“Why does Robert run the forum?” Elliot was curious about how it all worked.

“He enjoys it, more than anything. Plus, now and again he gets a hookup with someone. His wife doesn’t care; she’s got her own boyfriend on the side who he knows about. They have an open marriage, so they both play around,” David explained.

“Yeah, and he likes to make people happy, especially those who have out-there fetishes. He knows it’s hard for those people to get them fulfilled. But David and I often do board requests together for him, and Tommy too. Tommy’s Robert’s nephew, actually, and he also works for Reid Productions,” Deandre said, smiling as Angelica plopped another hard-fried egg down on his plate. “Thanks, sis! You’re the best.”

“Did you get enough to eat, honey?” she asked Elliot. “I can make another egg for you, too, if you want.”

“Oh, no, I’m fine! Honest. Thank you so much for the food,” Elliot said as he passed his dishes over to her. He cleared his throat again, still somewhat hoarse despite the tea.

She took it and nodded. “Alright, as long as you got enough to eat.”

“You go to school?” Deandre scarfed down his egg.

“Yeah, I go to UMSL, too. I’m in the nursing program.” Elliot crossed his arms over his chest and nodded at him.

“That’s cool. So, how long you have a fantasy about being gang raped?” David asked, leaning back into his chair with a grin.

Again, Elliot felt his face flush. “Well, it started a while ago when this roommate of mine showed me a video, telling me it was sick and twisted and stuff, but I really liked it. After that, I started looking for videos and images online, and then I found the forum linked under a video I was watching.”

“Huh, I always ask,” David commented. “And I get all kinds of answers. What video was it, if you don’t mind me asking?”

“Oh, it was this video of a bunch of guys in an alley. The one being fucked had this big tattoo down his side, and one of the other guys had really pale, blond hair that was kind of long. He had some tattoos too, and both of them had pierced dicks. I’d never seen anything like that before.” Elliot blushed a little remembering the video which he still had saved on his phone. It was a favorite, after all.

Elliot noticed that David and Deandre looked at each other with smirk on their lips. He was about to say something, but Angelica spoke up first.

“Oh, Terri and I are going down to Strawberry’s this weekend, you boys want to come?” Angelica asked as she stretched her arms above her.

“Yeah, we haven’t been in a while,” Deandre said, finishing his egg and passing the plate to his sister.

“Strawberry’s?” Elliot asked.

“Yeah, it’s a goth club and Dungeon called Strawberry’s Black. Fucking amazing place. They allow nudity and sex right there in the club, so it can get interesting,” David grinned at him.

“Sounds like an interesting place.” Elliot looked down at his hands for a minute. When no one said anything, he looked up again. “I’m just… I don’t know what to say, other than thank you for the most intense and amazing night of my life.”

“Y’know, don’t have to be a one-time thing.” David winked at him. “I certainly had fun with you last night, and you cry so pretty. Maybe you can even go to the club with us.”

Elliot blushed to his roots and looked back down. He nodded slowly. “Okay,” he whispered.

And it wasn’t a one-time thing at all.

Submitted: April 18, 2020

© Copyright 2021 Beverly L. Anderson. All rights reserved.

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that story was cool

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Thanks! It was a lot of fun too write!

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