The Woman in the red dress.

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Horror  |  House: Booksie Classic

Mike walks through a mysterious forest. He discovers an old cabin in the forest, but things arn't like they seem.

The woman in the red dress.


Mike walks through the dense, foggy, forest. He looks around periodically, hoping nothing is going to attack him. He starts to hear footsteps coming from behind him. He quickly turns around. He sees a woman with pale skin, long black hair and brown eyes.

“Hello there, “ the woman greeted.

“Hello, “ Mike nervously replies. 

The woman moves closer to mike. Mike started to smell perfume; it was sweet almost like honey.

“The woods can be dangerous”- the woman wraps her arms around Mike’s neck-” You should be more careful.”

Mike looks deep into her eyes.


Mike wakes up in the forest, he stands up and looks around. The sky was blue and the sun was shining down on him, the fog from earlier had gone away. Mike notices a red shoe laying on the ground a few feet away. He walks until he reaches the shoe that’s laying on the ground. Mike picks up the shoe and examines it, the heel of the shoe is broken. 

“That’s weird” Mike puts down the shoe.

Mike continues walking. Three minutes later Mike sees an old abandoned cabin. As Mike walks he trips over an exposed root.

“Mike” , the woman shakes mike.

Mike opens his eyes and sits up. Nobody was around, the sound of birds chirping echoes through the forest. Mike gets up on his feet. He walks towards the cabin. Soon he is on the porch of the cabin. Mike walks closer to the door. As Mike reaches for the doorknob the door opens. Mike shrugged it off and walked in. Mike enters the cabin, light shines into the cabin from the window frames. The front room of the cabin has an old brown couch. The couch has red stains and holes.  In the middle of the room was an old wooden coffee table. It has cracks all over it. 


Mike walks around the room, he looks under the couch and sees another red shoe. This shoe looked brand new, it looked polished. The sound of a woman giggling came from one of the rooms. Mike turned to where he was facing a hallway that led to the room. He slowly walked towards the hallway then down it. He reaches the door where the giggling was coming from. He presses his ear against the door.

“Mikie, come in. I’m feeling lonely,” A woman’s voice came from the room.

Mike recongonzied the voice, it was the woman from earlier. Mike opened the door, the room looked very clean, almost like it was remodeled. In the top left corner of the room was a large bed. The bedsheets were a deep red, the woman from earlier laid on the bed. The woman wore a short red dress that revealed a lot of skin. The woman’s long black hair dangled down her head. Mike walked into the room, there was a strong smell of perfume.


Mike walks closer to the bed, he puts one hand on the red bedsheets, they feel smooth and silky. He then lays down next to the woman, their eyes lock. 

The woman moves her black, long hair back, behind her shoulders, “I knew you couldn’t resist me.” The woman puts her hand on Mike's rough cheek. 

Mike moves his head closer, their lips meet. The woman’s lips were soft, and warm. Mike moves his hand closer to the woman’s legs. Mike continues to kiss the woman, he moves his hand closer and closer, his hand touches the woman’s cold foot. The woman moves on top of Mike. Mike’s hand slid up to the woman’s pale thigh. 

The woman chuckles, “Aw you're so sweet.” 

Mike moves his hand further up the woman’s thigh. The evening, Mike wakes up. He is in the bed, but the bed sheets are rough and smell bad. Cockroaches crawl all over Mike's bare body. The room looks old, and a cold breeze gives Mike goosebumps. He turns his head to the other side of the bed. A shriveled up corpse lay next to him. The corpse was wearing a red dress and small strains of black hair lay down on the scalp of the corpse.


Submitted: April 18, 2020

© Copyright 2021 fishhands2001. All rights reserved.

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