I’m Scared… Can you Help Me?

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What will life look like if we continue to promote fear. The story of our future will become facts of our history.

In 1970, my 4 year old son looked up to me with his blue eyes and said Daddy, “I’m Scared.”  Being the protector of the family I told him I would always keep him from harm’s way and will make sure that he will always be safe as long as I live.

The same year he wanted to ride his bike without training wheels.  He put on his safety helmet and elbow pads.  I said, “Son, don’t worry about riding your bike.  You could fall and hurt yourself.  Let’s stay inside and do other activities.  Not to mention what if you ride your bike into another friend who is just learning.  Both of you could be injured.  I told you I will always protect you.”  As he smiled, and took of the extra padding I proceeded to look up all of the bicycle injuries that occur each year.  I called my Congressman and even gave the mortality stats of the potential of kids riding their bike stating what could happen.  I even scheduled protest with other like-minded individuals to boycott any business that sells bicycles or accessories.  I was very proud of myself as I knew I was protecting my son.

The next year my son came into the den with flotation devices blown up around his arms.  He had goggles on, and said “Daddy, Johnny’s parents are taking us to the city pool and I am going to learn how to swim!”  I looked at my son and firmly said, “Not on my watch you are not!  Do you know how many kids your age drown every year?  Can you believe that some kids pee in the pool and science tells us that is bad?  I don’t even want to talk about the chemicals that are used to clean the pool.  That is just danger waiting to happen.”  Needless to say, he agreed with me because of the promise I made to him at 4 years old.  Of course after he went back into his room, I quickly called the Mayor and City Councilman.  I gave them my stats of all of the deaths that occur around the world.  I gave them a piece of my mind and said, “If this pool isn’t shut down in an instant I will make sure everyone knows you are trying to kill kids by drowning them.”  I was very proud of myself as I knew I was protecting my son.

When my boy turned 6 he said, “Daddy, all of my friends are playing soccer over the summer.  Can I play?” I knew my son didn’t know any better, but I was determined to teach him about safety.  I shared with him how sports promotes violence and scientific studies showed what a concussion would do to his brain if he were to be hit hard in the head with a soccer ball.  As I went on to explain that he could cut himself and the cut might get an infection which could lead to serious health issues he quickly learned the dangers of playing sports.  Needless to say, I made sure the schools and anyone else around understood my stance on sports.  Now, I didn’t want him to feel left out so I encouraged the school to ban all of those dangerous activities that way nobody would be injured or feel like they didn’t belong.  I was very proud of myself as I knew I was protecting my son.

By age 12 my son had made friends with this rowdy kid who just moved in from the country.  I had seen the dad on a few occasions and he was always wearing boots and some type of camouflage outfit bought at the local sports and outdoor store.  My son, of course being as naïve as most young boys are, he enthusiastically said, “Doug’s dad offered to take me to the gun range to learn how to shoot a rifle.  His dad said that after a month of going to the range and learning gun safety he would take me hunting next year if it was fine with you.”  As you could imagine I was furious!  I would not tolerate someone else trying to influence my family with a death machine.  I was really shocked at my son for even thinking of asking me that question in the first place.  I told my son that I was going to call Doug’s dad and give him the stats of all of the school shootings in America.  Guns will kill you!!!  I explained to my son that gun violence in our country has gone on way too long and I would put a stop to it right now.  Not only did I give Doug’s dad a piece of my mind, but I protested in front of the outdoor store and with a few friends we were able to get them to stop selling any guns or ammo in the store.  We also made sure the news heard about all of the violent activity that guns are a part of which they quickly aired our story.  I was very proud of myself as I knew I was protecting my son.

One can only imagine my surprise when my son came to me at the age of 16 and asked if he could start to drive.  By this time, I had noticed that my son was forming some of his own opinions, but it wasn’t too late for me to keep him under my safe control.  I told my stories of how many people die a day in automobile accidents.  I even showed him pictures of what it would look like if he were injured in a car crash.  I mean really, he might die, but he could also kill an entire family who was also driving.  That entire year, it became my mission to tell the automobile manufactures how dangerous it was to have vehicles on the road.  I even threw in science to get them to change from gas to electric to save my son’s environment and cut down on his allergies.  I lobbied the government to lower the speed limit on all the highways.  I was very proud of myself as I knew I was protecting my son.

By the time he turned 18, he started to look at colleges.  “Are you kidding me?” I asked with concern.  You might meet other young people with different upbringings than you.  What if one of them wants to fight.  Even worse, what if you meet a girl and you decided to …. I stopped because I was the parent that did not want to discuss with my son what that stupid health class was teaching them in 6th grade since I knew that information might give him some crazy ideas.  I ended the conversation and said, “No, I just don’t want you to get a disease”.  As he went back to his room, I was very proud of myself as I knew I was protecting my son.

On his 21st birthday, my son asked if he could have a mixed drink with me.  “Really?” I said in disgust.  “Alcohol kills.  Science, well at least the science that I adhere to says that it is awful for your body.”  Plus, he doesn’t know how to act if his mind is altered.  He could easily die of alcohol poisoning.  Unsuccessfully, I called the politicians and firmly suggested that we needed to go back to prohibition!  I even had stats that showed why banning alcohol was such a great law.  Of course I didn’t even think of looking at the other things that happen during prohibition because that was just made up information from people that wanted to just part all of the time.  I was very proud of myself as I knew I was protecting my son.

Today, I am well into my 70’s.  My son who I protected all of these years has a family of his own.  He has a Government Mandated “essential” job where he continues to go into an office.  For some reason he has asthma which I am sure it was because of all of the coal mining going on in the Northeast or because we were way too late to have economical vehicles on the road.  Who knows?  All I know is that I am proud that I have protected my son from all of the horrible things that could have happened in life.  Now he is returning the favor.  I see him at his job and on social media telling everyone that is not “essential” like him should stay home and not go out because they might infect a loved one.  He sure does care about all humans across the world.  He tells them that if they do go out that they should wear a mask.  He implores them to help flatten this curve because he is protecting people like his daddy!  He gets pretty mad at those people who only care about themselves and want to work.  Luckily, most of his friends have “essential” jobs.  They talk in the office about all of those heartless people who want to work, and cannot believe they are making a huge deal.  They are getting a vacation right now and don’t have to work.  It will all get back to normal as soon as we can show that no person will die from this virus.  I just don’t know why people won’t listen to what we are saying.  I mean do they know that out of the 330 million people in the United States that 38,000 have died!!!  I’m very proud of my son and think I have raised him right.  He is only protecting me.  Hopefully, his kids will listen to him just like he has listened to me.

Submitted: April 18, 2020

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