Source Has A New Virus For The Earth Game

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Welcome to Hell.

Source: The Alleged God-Bug of "All That Is” Created and Downloaded A New Virus For Us


By Alexander Guinevere Kern





Since, by the testimony of thousands upon thousands of Near Death Experiencers and Thousands of those persons whose “Souls” are supposedly speaking to a Past Life Regression Hypnotherapist . . .


That “The Source of All That Is” - is the only Being Souls state is real and all WE are, mere Monkeys in the Circus - Humans which Its “Souls” indwell and take over our brains in the Human Frequency Domain -


And all THEY are - are Beings - Light (positive) polarity and Dark (Negative) Polarity, all of whom or which Source created for Its pleasure - that there is nothing and no one else BUT “Source.”


Then Source just gave us Mere Monkeys (Humanity) a New Game Theme Virus.


Which is also Source.  Source had NOTHING ELSE TO DO but crap out a New Game for Its Souls to “play” in the Human Theater - a terrible virus - and float around enjoying how the Monkeys handle the challenge.


Not feelin’ the all Love and all Light you are supposed to be, Source.


Ahhh, Satan, that’s You under that mask, isn’t it?


I am weary of Your Game and “Source’s” idea of Light Being Education and their idea that this is a Fun Game and a “safe and very okay place to play”


When recent Discover and AARP magazines have LONG articles on what social isolation does both to the poor, abandoned, powerfulness Seniors and those persons who live in abject poverty -


Yet we are to wear gloves, wear masks and not touch/kiss/hold one another or anything else - stand 6’ away from every other person - not congregate or cluster - always stand 6’ away from one another . . .


For Hell’s sake!  I heard they may continue this “SaferAtHome” ORDER for YEARS - just imagine what all that isolation and enforced quarantine does to someone like ME, who has been virtually alone due to illness and the exhausting and debilitating side effects of medication for 21 years.


3 Seniors have died where I live in the last two weeks.  The Isolation Thing, you know.


Yes.  Loneliness and Isolation are emotionally and physically and psychologically DEVASTATING to Human Beings of any age - and especially Seniors . . .


And there were no Easter Services, nor church services, nor any other sort of gatherings for people . . . because of Source’s Virus -


Gosh, since Source says there is NO Satan, then Source is acting just like Satan would have if he existed.


How convenient.  As we all well know and all NDErs attest: Source is “All Everything” and hence: Source WANTS Mankind to have this virus.


Source’s Love and Light, Center Stage.


The Non-existent Jehovah (according to Source) gave us JESUS, but never mind that.  They were Healers, so . . .


I need help to survive and I can’t get it - as even a caretaker has to wear a mask and gloves and alas - they take care of other disabled and sick Seniors, those of the more fragile, at risk members of Society, who are more in danger of contracting Source’s COVID 19 and dying from it - therefore all caretakers are at risk of picking up Covid 19 somewhere and passing it along to our at risk age group.


So I can’t hire one, to free me from my 21 year Jail Sentence and give me help, take me for walks, drive me to the (now closed) Senior Centers, where I might meet actual PEOPLE, right when I can afford to - because . . . Corona Virus.


And a nasty virus it appears to be.


Source decided to decimate Mankind with the Spanish Flu of 1918 and Source alone knows how many people met a cruel and agonizing end with Bubonic Plague.


To thin the Herd, I presume.


I’m not a doctor and I am not your Mayor or Governor - obey the ORDERS and RECOMMENDATIONS as they urge you all to do.


But I am absolutely certain, being an NDEr myself, that there are NO ACCIDENTS IN THIS WORLD.


Source (Satan) wants to thin the Herd again.


All those pesky Humans.   Oh. My.


Perhaps the All Powerful Source of Love and Light could put Its attention elsewhere and develop a New Universe, so It could play New Games with Its Self and Its mental manifestations Souls - instead of bothering weak, powerless and vulnerable Mankind.  I mean, is Source is God of ALL THAT IS in a mighty, expanding, endless, vast Universe, why would It waste Its time thinning the little human herd?  Why doesn’t it get to work on curing cancer or any one of thousands of Mankind’s ills?


My next Upload will be my Testimony of what I discovered about Love and Light “Source of All That Is” and the detrimental “Lives” It Gives Itself - played out in OUR BODIES - for entertainment - using our Human energies and minds and Its Own Souls - and what I truly feel about all that horror-show - without sugar-coating the Supreme Being’s lack of Love and Light toward Humanity.


I need not prove that.  We have been imposed upon for thousands of years.


Source cannot hurt this Grammy, alone, sick and tired, who cares not if I live or I die. Source cannot shut me up - or It would have.


Recently I read an NDErs report on his Near Death Experience - he had endured a painful and unbearable life, like most of us do - so he exited by his own hand.


His Guide or Master met him with a host of insults, told this Soul he’d been watching him make a lot of mistakes (Yeah, they don’t give us ANY privacy and we are not Souls!) and then told him since he kept killing himself in all of his Lives, NOW they were going to give him a life as a Drug Addict. All pre-planned and filmed and the poor Soul downloaded into his current nightmare Hell Life.


Source’s TEACHER just sent down another Drug Addict, deliberately adding to our Society’s woes, a Being who will suffer, commit crimes, live in a tent, steal, rob, then sell all he has stolen or owns, all his parents/siblings/friends/neighbors own - just to pay for his DAILY habit - one of the major problems mankind has at this very moment is opiate addiction and all that comes with it, the terrible cost to Society and aborts the Happiness, Life and Liberty our Constitution assures us is our right as free Americans.


Source is not an American and hates our Constitution, apparently.


Or is using Earth as a Prison Planet, which everyone assures us It would never do.


Source hates Human Beings and still expects us to view it as the Only God and the Only Intelligence that is REAL. It does not want worship. It does not need worship. It does not care what we do, what we do, what we do. Our lives do not much matter, you see.


Now what sort of “Intelligence” is out there, in the Unim, creating stuff?


Lonely, broken-hearted Seniors want to know.


Sending down a Soul who cannot bear the “slings and arrows of outrageous misfortune’’ of Human Life on Earth - to live life as a Drug Addict, as if that suffering will cure that Soul of his desire to commit suicide in order to escape his horrendous suffering is classic Source Bug Thinking.  You can always tell - because it is counter-intuitive.


Doesn’t Source sound awful??? Who would want to die and GO THERE?


I literally have been alone so long I do not remember what Love feels like. I have never been healthy. For years when I was young, I thought I was dead - because that is what not feeling love or connected FEELS LIKE.


I must have been a TERRIBLE SOUL, eh?


Then we all must be - for here is the CoronaVirus - showing us all how that feels.


Then there’s Satan and his clear and present hatred and desire to destroy Human Beings. We’ll talk about him and HIS true identity next.


“I want you to have life, and have it more abundantly.”  ~ Jesus Christ <—- not seen around the Source Hell Hotel.

Submitted: April 18, 2020

© Copyright 2021 RexMundi555'.-. All rights reserved.

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That's hilarious! You're possibly right! HA HA HA HA!

Sun, April 19th, 2020 4:24pm

LE. Berry

And as it was written by those such as Mohammad, Abraham and Jesus (and his twelve special men) God dogma is masculine, and that only. And since we are considering the source, that would mean that all came from male energy only, which includes Satan, created by God, along with every plague which has ever existed including Covid-19. It All came from God who is masculine...right God person? What a loving God...

Mon, April 20th, 2020 12:39am

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