A company was sent to deal the growing threat at the Northern Border. A non-magic prince, two powerful magicians, and an adventurer who's something to do with the attacker.
How would they survive when they were being deceived and threatened to dance to the tune of the game of the king?

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PROLOGUE   Cold wind blew from the north, the night sky was painted with lightning followed by a loud crack of thunder and M... Read Chapter


CHAPTER 1   ?Their breathing were heavy. Pillows were scattered all over the room. Sheet of the knight’s bed w... Read Chapter


CHAPTER 2 ?“Whomever you hate, whomever you’ve hurt, always remember that at the end of the day you need to forgive them and apologiz... Read Chapter

Chapter 3

Hi Guys! This is not a summary of chapter 3. I just want to use this as a way to ask for an apology for any typographical and grammar errors i have made. The chapters are unedited because i am
juggling 2 novels hehe. And thank you also for bearing with me. If it's not so much trouble, i want to know what you think about the novel. Feel free to hit comment. Thank you!
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Chapter 4 The bells tolled for the first time today signaling the guards to open the city gate for the start of the day’s busi... Read Chapter

Chapter 5

Chapter 5   Vanya Deathschild did not rose to become the most powerful woman in the Imperial Army if not because of&nbs... Read Chapter

chapter 6

Chapter 6   Xarx’s feet were leading him to the Chamber of Power. His lord father decided that he should train in the ... Read Chapter