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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Horror  |  House: Booksie Classic

Karen Cohen and her daughter Faith move to a new neighborhood When Faith tells her mother that she made a new friend she's happy for her until she realizes that her friend may be just a little more than imaginary.



(All names and places in this story have been altered as to not give away my identity and location)


Hello, My name is Karen Cohen, My daughter Faith and I had just moved into a new neighborhood as to give me a fresh start and so that Faith has an opportunity to make new friends, that aside, what I’m about to tell you are a few things that took place just last week, and I fear for my daughter’s safety as well as my own. Just for a little background, my husband died in a car crash 6 years ago, it wasn’t too long after Faith was born. Being a single mother working at minimum wage is hard, having said I don’t always get to spend the quality time that I want with Faith. So when I heard that she had made a new friend I was happy for her. Having moved here in November school was already well underway, so I was pretty worried about Faith making new friends and fitting in at school.


It wasn’t until last week that I realized that her friend wasn’t a classmate.


I woke up around 3 am to get myself a glass of water. When I had walked past Faith’s room I heard her talking, being the mother I am I instantly opened the door thinking that someone had gotten into our house. “Faith sweetie,” I say in my motherly voice trying not to sound scared. “Who are you talking to?” I stand there waiting for a reply. When Faith finally replied she said, “I’m talking to my new friend mommy.” New friend? That is when I remembered that she said that she had made a new friend.


 “Oh, and what is this new friend’s name,” I ask


 “His name is Mr.Smiley.” 


To me, that name sounded really weird, but then again it was just a 6-year-old’s imaginary friend so I can’t blame her for coming up with that name. Trying not to make it seem as if I didn’t care, I looked over to the space in which she was talking to and greeted this Mr.Smiley.


 “Hello, Mr.Smiley,” I said.  I looked back at Faith and I swear with just those words I could see her eyes light up. “ Faith, I’m sorry to have to tell you this but its way past your bedtime, say goodnight to Mr.Smiley and I will tuck you in.” 


The sparkle in her eyes seemed to fade when I said that, “Ok mommy” she said sadly “Goodnight Mr.Smiley” and with that, I tucked her back in, kissed her on the forehead, and left the room.


The next morning when I woke, I could already hear Faith talking with Mr.Smiley. I walked past the room, glancing in, she seemed to be showing him all of her various toys and objects, I smiled at the thought of her actually being able to show off her toys to someone other than me. 


I walked into the kitchen and grabbed a pan, placing it on the stove and turning on the heat, when I turn around to grab the pancake batter, I was surprised to see Faith standing behind me, “Mommy can we go out to breakfast today?” Faith said to me with this innocent look in her eyes. Sighing  “I guess eating out won’t hurt, it would save me time from doing the dishes, and It would give me more time to spend with you.” Faith instantly ran back to her room and got ready, whilst I went to mine and did the same, in about 10 minutes we were already on the road. 


Since I was new around here I decided to google the nearest diner to us which just happened to be the Mile High diner, it only took about 15 minutes for us to arrive at the Mile High diner, Wow that was pretty quick I think to myself. I get out of the car and walk over to the side of the car that Faith was sitting on and opened the door. 


This is where another weird incident happened. As I opened the door, Faith instantly jumped out of the car, now that may not sound weird, but it’s actually pretty weird. Faith sits in a car seat, as do most kids her age, the car seat in question has this seatbelt in which it requires someone else to open it, the only people that were in the car were Faith and me, and I know for a fact that I had strapped her in, so there is no possible way that someone else could open it. Suddenly there was a tugging on my sleeve reminding me that we were still in the parking lot of the diner.


We walked into the diner and waited at the counter for somebody to usher us to a seat. After about 5 minutes of waiting somebody finally came up to seat us. “How many?” The lady said. I quickly responded with “2” that is when Faith spoke up “ mommy what about Mr.Smiley” Kneeling down I told her “Sweetie Mr.Smiley isn’t real.”


 “Yes, he is mommy!” Faith says to me.


I look up and the woman at the counter, “We’ll be one moment.” I say to her grabbing faith by her hand and walking her to the side of the restaurant. In the most polite mom-like voice, “Faith honey, when we are in public don’t talk about Mr.Smiley, people may think bad if you do, and we wouldn’t want that. Right?”


“I guess you’re right mommy,” Faith said to me smiling.


Grabbing her hand I walk her back to the counter. 


“We’re sorry about that.” I say to the lady at the register.


“It’s quite alright ma’am.” She says to me.


*Fast forward to after eating*


When we finally arrive at home, Faith instantly started running to her room. 


“Bye mommy,” She said to me. “I’m gonna go play with Mr.Smiley.”


“Alright,” I say.


For about the next 4 hours, I could hear Faith yelling and waling from her room, in a fun way of course. I decided that since it had been a while since I had gone into her room now would be the best time to check on her. I stand up walk to her room and instinctively knock on the door, alerting her that I would be entering. Grabbing the knob I open the door. What I saw scared me. Faith was lying on the floor not breathing. 


“Faith, sweetie” I tried to wake her but she wouldn’t budge. I sat there for a moment debating about what I should do. That is until the room started to slowly turn black.


Hello, everybody, It’s me Mr.Smiley, I’m afraid that this story must come to an end since both Faith and Her mother, Karen, are no longer with us. Oh but don’t worry, I will always be here, and I am always watching.




(Mr.Smiley 2 coming soon)


Submitted: April 19, 2020

© Copyright 2021 ꓘitty ꓘat. All rights reserved.

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