The Real Reason Why the Power went out

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Horror  |  House: Booksie Classic

Was The storm really the Cause of the power outage?

The real reason to why the power went out


(Note: People and places have been altered as to not give away my location)


I live in a fairly small town, I mean in the way that everyone knows everyone and news travels very quickly, so when I heard news of a massive storm coming you can believe my surprise. My town usually is never the target of massive storms, sure we get some light rain showers, but not anything more than that. So when I heard that a storm was coming you best believe that I was surprisingly calm, sure I’ve always been told to remain calm but I felt really calm, too calm. The rest of the day after that went pretty normal, I went shopping, cleaned the house, even had time to visit my local pet store. When everything was said and done I went home. It was about 3 or so hours since I had arrived at my house when I heard it, the storm I thought. Shrugging it off I continue to watch TV. That was a mistake. A huge mistake.


A loud bang woke me, I must have fallen asleep I thought to myself as I look around trying to get my eyes to adjust to my surroundings. When my eyes finally got into focus I stood up and began walking to turn on the light. I flicked the switch just to have nothing happen. Shit. The power had gone out. Thinking for a moment of what I should do it occurred to me that I still had a radio. Sure it was old and dusty but I’m sure that I could get it to work if I tried. I walked over the hall closet and opened the door, looking through the various shelves of miscellaneous items my eyes finally landed on the old radio, I pulled it out from where it lay just to almost fall over with how immensely heavy the thing was. Using all my strength I lift the radio just enough to be able to move it over to the table. I set it down with a thud and sit down. I grabbed the dial and slowly start to turn it. After hearing static for about 10 minutes straight I let go of the dial, “I give up” I say aloud. Suddenly the radio started blaring this horrendous noise. 




What? I thought. Why does it say to not look out the windows during a measly thunderstorm? While I was pondering this question I hear scratching? Just to make it clear, I don’t own any pets, as a matter of fact, I’m allergic to most pets, so hearing scratching really startled me. I took a step towards the direction of the door and the scratching seemed to cease. That was pretty weird, but it was probably nothing. I say to myself. I think back to what the message on the radio said, laughing a little I thought, a little peek won’t hurt...right? I walk over to my window and pull back the curtains just to be greeted with a peculiar sight, though it was raining there seemed to be ashes, almost as if something was burning, but how can something be burning if there is a thunderstorm going on. Whilst thinking about this question I remembered that I wasn’t even supposed to look outside Fuck, Fuck, Fuck I say to myself grabbing the curtains and violently closing them. 


Breathing heavily I make my way over to the couch to lie down as soon as my head hits the pillow, the drowsiness kicks in and I feel my weary eyes start to close. No, I say to myself  I cannot let myself fall asleep before finding out what is going on outside. As much as my mind told me not to open the curtains again, my body still moved. I walk over to the curtains that I had just closed and open them again, but this time what I saw terrified me. 


There was this thing, it was like a human in the sense that it was standing on two legs other than that it was like an animal. It had light grey almost white skin that seemed to be stretched out across its body, along with that it seemed to be six or so feet tall with jagged teeth and nails that protruded from the outstretched skin, but what really startled me was its eyes they were nothing but bloody holes almost as if its eyes were gouged out. 


I had to hold back the urge to throw up by how repulsive this thing looked. Grabbing the curtain I closed them once more and as I was backing away, the glass window behind me shattered, millions of pieces of glass littered the floor. Before I had time to process what just happened my body was already set in motion. I ran, to where I don’t know I just ran. Eventually, I ran into the bathroom and locked the door. I could hear the thing walking up to the bathroom door and start to try and break it down. At that moment I did the only thing I could think of and that was to pray to whatever God would listen to my pleads. Please help me! I said silently. That’s when the noise stopped. I sat there for a moment pondering what I should do. When I finally gathered enough courage I unlocked the door and opened it.


“Hello” I called out. No response. 


Assuming that I was safe I stepped out and walked from my bathroom back to the living room, trying to avoid the shattered glass as I walked. I looked out the window once more, I smiled when I saw the bright sun shining through. Feeling relieved I lazily walked over to the couch and lay down, almost instantly falling asleep. 


So the real reason that the power went out was not because of the storm but instead because of the creatures that lurked inside it. 


To anyone who reads this, remember that not everything is as it seems...


Submitted: April 19, 2020

© Copyright 2021 ꓘitty ꓘat. All rights reserved.

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