gone by eleven

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Flash Fiction  |  House: Booksie Classic


Her heart was racing. She threaded through the crowds and glanced at the huge clock in the Grand Station.

The 11:00 train was due in 15 minutes. 

Standing in the station, she fumbled through her purse until she found the handkerchief. 

She held the handkerchief near her chest, closing her eyes. 15 minutes, she thought. I can make things right. 

A voice interrupted her thoughts. “Hello, Rose.”

Her eyes flew open. Not daring to turn around, she saw the shadow of a tall man holding a briefcase behind her. Her stomach fell to the ground. How did he find her?

He took her hand. “I know what you’re trying to fix.” He whispered. “It won’t work.”

“You don’t understand, Roger. He left me this,” she unfolded the handkerchief, revealing a pocket watch. “He wanted me to do this. I know he did.”

He sighed. “Charles never was informed of the watch’s abilities. Accept his fate and move on.”

She shook her head, not believing it. 

Roger took out a ring from his pocket and slipped it on her. “This was found on his body. He wanted you to have this.”

Rose smiled, reliving all the memories that came with the ring.

Roger enjoyed her happiness. “He always said, ‘Move on. Life is short, be happy.’ Won’t you honor that? He never wanted this. Fate is better undisturbed.”

Rose nodded and embraced him, holding him next to her. “Thank you, Roger,” she whispered against his clothes. 

Together, they closed their eyes and for a moment, they felt at peace.

Suddenly, the clock struck eleven. It was too late.

Rose turned to the railroad, hearing people screaming as they saw a young man throw himself on the tracks as a whistle blew. Moments later, the train flew by, killing him. 

Roger put an arm around Rose, comforting her as she saw her brother’s death for the first time. He opened his briefcase, handing her an envelope addressed to her. She opened it, unfolding the paper. Her eyes widened as she put a hand over her mouth, not believing the scrawled out words she read. 

Roger sighed and shook her shoulder, taking back the letter. “We must leave.” 

She didn’t answer. 

“Give me the watch.” He shook her harder. “You’ve seen enough.”

Meeting his eyes, she gave him the handkerchief. He spun the watch three times, and a vortex appeared. He stepped inside first. 

Taking one last look at her dying brother, Rose stepped into the vortex after her husband, and back into the present.





When you receive this, I shall be dead. I was accompanying John to the train, when I saw you, embracing Roger. I knew he always loved you, and seeing you with him, slipping the ring on, I had nothing left to live for. You were the only thing that kept me going. I wish we were anything but siblings, even though you were adopted, so my love could be accepted. Remember me.





Submitted: April 19, 2020

© Copyright 2021 anya.booksie. All rights reserved.

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An interesting twist on time travel.

Sun, April 19th, 2020 2:27pm

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