Don't Explode Into Space

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Literary Fiction  |  House: Booksie Classic

No lives are ordinary. look through the commonplace and what is left is beauty. Everybody has a drive to become who they were born to be, most arrive at something else, some explode into space.

Table of Contents


1   Anne knew death was beginning before her eyes opened to take on the opinions of the new day. Uncomplicated as... Read Chapter


  2   Isle of Man : June 1969.   You forget how smokey it was. In the pub where the lads h... Read Chapter


  3   Nobody smokes like this now. When they had finished the song the ashtray was full, twenty fags each, some ... Read Chapter


4   “Okay ladies gather round and I’ll tell you about the Belgian.”    Desmond had dev... Read Chapter


  Windsberry Park Hospital, March 2010.    Ellen felt like she was in a piece of marble trying to mov... Read Chapter


  6   Like Ellen’s, most outdoor identities come ready made. A school uniform, for example, is a give an... Read Chapter


7   It wasn’t that hard to get up, the therapist told her it might become more difficult eventually but the al... Read Chapter


8   Desert Island Discs ; Studio 70B. Broadcasting House. August 2014.   “It’s like getting an OBE... Read Chapter


  9   Aspirations.   Dublin had the characteristic bent of feeling cold when... Read Chapter


  10   People can be as predictable as smoke blowing in the breeze, if you know which way it is going... Read Chapter


11   Christina heard the sound of hooves and guessed the direction they were travelling before the animal rounded t... Read Chapter


12   From 8:30 till just before 11 the shop was tolerable. The women did not behave as though the atmosphere was fully... Read Chapter


13   The coal was virtually gone after a couple of weeks of the last shipment. Turf was used instead - peat as it is g... Read Chapter


14   Maurice entered the pub examining his hands. He had inherited a few choice splinters from Thomas’ coal cart whi... Read Chapter


15   Anna sang. In a family house singing songs - full songs not just snippets of tunes with made up words - is rare a... Read Chapter


 16   Little Stephen ran like the clappers along Holyhead breakwater. He imagined it as a long dragons back wi... Read Chapter


17   10 o'clock in the morning and the weight pierced the air like a ships anchor fired from a cannon, straight into... Read Chapter


18   “What do you reckon?” said Stephen.   With one hand acting as a visor from the morning sun, h... Read Chapter


19   Deciding to leave the van in Ireland played out well for young Christopher Roseby, for weeks beforehand, however,... Read Chapter


20   Port Vale Football Ground : July 1969   Given the football season hadn’t started it was not ... Read Chapter

Twenty One

21   Windsberry Park Hospital.   Pellets, or whatever they were, tablets, capsules, the name was irrel... Read Chapter

Twenty Two

22   Stephen and Christopher’s old school acquaintance, Bonhoff, together with his pals on the door, thought that... Read Chapter

Twenty Three

23   Anne and Raymond Ellison married in 1976, they had a son, Guy, who attended the University of East Anglia before ... Read Chapter

Twenty Four

24   People like hospitals for good reasons, they entertain, plenty going on, good human stories being played out, com... Read Chapter

Twenty Five

 25   Melee ensued. No punches thrown or cups smashed, no more cigarettes flicked, no glaring of teeth or thre... Read Chapter

Twenty Six

 26   June 1969.    “What’s that?”    Christopher pointed a lazy finger... Read Chapter

Twenty Seven

27   Anna and Arthur’s House, Autumn 1965.   Football clubs, like all integrated organisations of hu... Read Chapter

Twenty Eight

28   “Name’s Raymond, but people shorten it and all sorts of things, but I like Raymond better.” &... Read Chapter

Twenty Nine

 29   There were ructions when Arthur made the decision to include Stephen and Christopher in the band and unders... Read Chapter


30   Those not raised in a yurt on a windswept Central Asian plain may recognise the varying decibels of a rock and... Read Chapter

Thirty One

31   Ellen woke at 6.45, roughly the same time she had woken up everyday since Christian left. This time she was neith... Read Chapter

Thirty Two

32   Eurovision   Raymond was so busy descending the stairs of the third floor at Port Vale’s footba... Read Chapter

Thirty Three

33   As pure entertainment wrestling relies on the visual for its impact. Theatrics, melodrama and muscle are its s... Read Chapter

Thirty Four

34   The young boy held his gift in both hands like a world within a world. His mother tried gently to dissuade him fr... Read Chapter

Thirty Five

35   There is a sublimity to the English suburban landscape seldom fully appreciated. On a still, warm, overcast morning ... Read Chapter

Thirty Six

36   If ever there was a face concealing torrid waters it was the one belonging to Desmond Jencks. Indifferent is w... Read Chapter

Thirty Seven

 37   From that strange half an hour when life’s spin dryer shook Bonhoff around and spat him out, the young ma... Read Chapter

Thirty Eight

38   Tele-visual productions work because they do the job of thinking for us, without perplexing, personal participati... Read Chapter

Thirty Nine

39   It was not disrespectful, unromantic or indicative of love lost that Anna thought of songs when Arthur was plough... Read Chapter


40   Putting the plate with the sandwiches down on the glass top of the wicker table in the conservatory Raymond made ... Read Chapter

Forty One

41   Of all those seeking the cherished lifestyle of a rock and roller during the twentieth century very few could mat... Read Chapter

Forty Two

42   That evening in the Red Rat night club off New Compton street Stephen, normally a phlegmatic lad, was enthusing w... Read Chapter

Forty Three

43   London was smoggy in 1970. Combustion engines had yet to be manipulated to disguise the airborne poison into some... Read Chapter

Forty Four

 44   Raymond was glad that the pubs in London were like the pubs he knew. He had been in some of the new wine... Read Chapter

Forty Five

45   The sunshine gently poked them both awake through a gap in the curtains. Julia, Annes flatmate, was downstairs hu... Read Chapter

Forty Six

46   Ellen had burned the fingers of her left hand experimenting with different mixes for plaster. Although more scorc... Read Chapter

Forty Seven

47   Christopher was the only one of the group who could not accept the change. His temper inflamed as the vision of a... Read Chapter

Forty Eight

48   The telephone rang from somewhere inside the house. Raymond looked glum as if the movement required to get up and... Read Chapter

Forty Nine

 49   Two bar staff came over with another tray of drinks and the artist gave each a pound note and told them ... Read Chapter


50   Desmond attended, as, of course, did Stephen and Christopher. Arthur was 73 when he eventually died, his last ... Read Chapter

Fifty One

51   Guy remembered his time growing up in Burslem with mixed feelings. An adept conversationalist he could recall, wi... Read Chapter

Fifty Two

52   As usual Max yapped like a banshee when the phone rang. Anne thought it might be Raymond ringing up to have a moa... Read Chapter

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