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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Literary Fiction  |  House: Booksie Classic

Former university lecturer David Kroft has seen better days. Mr. Kroft, an American ex-pat
living in London for the last two decades, finds himself stranded at Gatwick Int’l
Airport with his estranged wife Clara. While patronizing the concourse pub he meets a young woman from the Czech Republic named Jana and, eventually, her American partner, Paul. Over the course of
their time at the airport, David and Clara learn more about Paul and Jana while becoming
increasingly skeptical of the younger couple’s intentions.

*Stranded is the first novella in the CALM series*

Table of Contents


I   It was ten-thirty on a Tuesday morning and I was waiting in the departure area at Gatwick International Airport, bladder... Read Chapter


  II     Not to belabor the point, but I really needed a drink. It’s not that I didn’t value what this... Read Chapter


III     “You were made redundant?” Clara asked apprehensively, her eyes narrowing, the way they always did when... Read Chapter


  IV   “So you have children,” Jana said interrupting my scattered thoughts. She said it not so much as a ques... Read Chapter


V The departure area had cleared out a bit. It was relatively quiet save for the beeping of several airport trams overburdened with t... Read Chapter


VI     I awoke to Paul chatting with Clara about his time in London. They were discussing restaurants in the c... Read Chapter


VII   Boredom has always made me impulsive. I popped another pill, having no idea what it was. Something I picked up fr... Read Chapter


VIII     The bombing occurred four days after I last saw Chandra. It was early, around 6 am. Trev and I had gon... Read Chapter


  IX   Only after the authorities were alerted did I realize the trouble I had caused. I was accused of ste... Read Chapter


X       To say that my life ran afoul would be a bit of an understatement. My getting arrested at Gatw... Read Chapter

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