The Prince of Copper Hills Act II

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The long-awaited second act to the Prince of Copper Hills.

Elroy finds new allies in the Underworld as he seeks an Orphean return to the Land of the living.
Darwin finds himself in his own version of Hell as Perdita sends him to a mental institute in Hyde City. But is this institute all that meets the eye?
The Knights must cope with their losses and find hope among the wreckage of the Carmen.

(I'll flesh this out a bit later)

Table of Contents


The Ferryman was fast but not nearly as quick as the shades that burst through the door. They were mere yards behind the small, hellish c... Read Chapter

Reflections of the Past

Lenny groaned as he rolled over on the cold floor. He reached up and rubbed his forehead, trying desperately to correct the world that wa... Read Chapter

The Brink

The world was getting dark. Winston could feel his internal wounds pouring blood into his body. The jostling he’d received from Lance... Read Chapter

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