The Conversation

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Editorial and Opinion  |  House: Booksie Classic

A quarantined breakfast turns into a deep conversation about the coronavirus.

As he stared through the blinds out at a world he could no longer enjoy, he yawned. His sleep pattern is in total shambles. He's been awake for what seems like days. Laid off from work and under the government mandated self quarantine, he felt useless. Days now bled into each other and boredom is his new best friend. Binge watching tv shows no longer brought him solace. Life officially sucks. As he slowly nods off, he is awakened by the sweet smell of maplewood bacon.


Yes, he was not alone in this seclusion. He indeed had cellmates. Just months prior to the COVID-19 chaos, Terrance had met someone.  They were introduced by a mutual friend who considered herself the ultimate match maker. They share common interests and by anyone's standards she was absolutely gorgeous. And due to the pandemic that was now crippling the economy, Shanice was now also jobless. So in an effort to survive on limited incomes, they decided to brave this storm together. And she brought her visiting cousin, April, along for the adventure.


He sat at the dining room table, patiently awaiting his morning nutrition. Shanice wasn't the greatest cook, but she cooked with love. And he was grateful. As the plates of grits, eggs & bacon are passed around the table, April leads the trio in grace.


"How did you sleep?" Shanice asks. "I didn't" he responds with a smirk.


"I couldn't sleep either" interjects April "my throat was a little itchy. Got me scared."


"I have some ginger tea in the cabinet" he says "drink that and gargle with some warm salty water and you should be fine. Do you have allergies?'


"Yes" April replies "I hope that's all it is. I'd hate to infect you after ya'll invited me to stay."


Shanice chimes in "That's one of the problems with this coronavirus. It has the same symptoms as the flu and allergies. I think it's causing a lot of people to misdiagnose themselves. You wake up with a sore throat or a cough and you're scared you're gonna die."


"Yep " adds Terrance "and I think doctors are misdiagnosing people too. I recall hearing a report that the U.S. had a shortage of test kits a couple of weeks ago. But at the same time,you had thousands of people reportedly testing positive. How can you have more positive cases than you have the tools to test them?"


Shanice chuckles. "You're right. I think the numbers are inflated. I think the doctors are attributing any flu like death to the coronavirus. It's sad really."


"Do you think it really came from China?" April asks "people say it's biological warfare."


"I do believe it's biological warfare" exclaims Terrance "but I believe that it originated right here. I think it's man made and was designed for population control."


"I think I read something like that awhile back" says Shanice. "Something about the Georgia Guidestones. Do you really think it's related?"


"Hell yeah. The U.S. has been practicing population control for the longest" he says. "From small pox to syphilis to AIDS. They've been targeting us since the birth of this country."


April adds "Just look at the rate that the virus is affecting the African American community. I think they lulled us into complacency with the fake report that black people were somehow immune, so that we would be careless, thus allowing the virus to spread more quickly. I mean, yeah black people are more likely to have those underlying issues that make the virus more dangerous. But do you think the virus was designed to attack those weaknesses?"


"You said a mouthful then, cousin" Shanice says. "I think if black folks stopped using Facebook as their go to news source, we'd be better prepared for things like this. You even had Facebook reporters saying that there was no pandemic. And the government was using it as an excuse to implement martial law. As if China, Iran and Italy would actually play along with this intricate plot."


"And then when that was debunked" Terrance interrupts " they switched it up to the government using it to distract us while they put up these 5G towers."


April jumps in "Yeah. They were actually saying that the 5G technology was actually the culprit in all of the illnesses and deaths. Radiation poisoning doesn't even have the same symptoms as COVID-19. And we had to be in the house and kids out of school for them to put up these new towers."


Terrance almost falls out of his chair laughing. "It takes months to erect those towers. And if I'm not mistaken, they just use the existing cell towers and just add an upgraded signal orwhatever. Hell, T-Mobile was using 5G way before the pandemic."


"Yep" says April "these so called woke people amuse me. Like phone companies are on a covert mission to sneak and build these death towers within a couple of weeks. All while we're inside the house. It's not like Wuhan where the country is on complete lock down. Folks are out shopping, going to the doctor, exercising and just outside to be outside.So how are they supposedly sneaking these monstrous contraptions past us? Are they invisible?"


"Nah, we're just blind" he replies "we're blind to what's actually going on. People want so much to discover some new conspiracy, that we can't see what's staring us right in the face."


"What's that?' Shanice asks.


"The real conspiracy is that they're trying to kill us off" is his response "WHO, the government, the one percent. They're all in cahoots to balance out the melanin disparitythat exists on the planet. The blackiest cities are the ones being hit the hardest. I believe Bill Gates once said that he believes the world is over populated. Now he wants to fund a 'vaccine' to help save the population. Yeah right. They want to experiment with these 'vaccines' in cities like Detroit, whose high numbers make no sense. The virus' epicenters were travel hotspots with large international airports like New York and New Orleans. Now all of a sudden a midwest city, whose border is Canada with a low infection rate, is the new coronavirus hotspot? I call bullshit. Gentrification and population control is what it is. And why are they trying to test these experimental 'vaccines' in Africa, when Africa has a relatively low infection rate? Why not Italy, Spain, France or Germany were the rates areas high as those of the United States?"


"Because blacks are expendable!" is Shanice's emphatic answer.


"Exactly" says Terrance "in my opinion, these woke wanna be bloggers are still sleep. As a matter of fact, they're in the REM stage of sleep." He laughs.


"All jokes aside though, I pray that my people are being safe out there. Practicing social distancing, eating well, drinking plenty of water, boosting their immune systems and looking out for the elderly and the compromised. In times like these, as well as all times, if we're not making sure our people are straight, who is?"


"I feel you" April says "and I wanna thank you for looking out for me, my brother."


Terrance grins. "If you really wanna thank me, you can pass me some more orange juice to wash down these dry ass eggs!"


Shanice hits him with a dishcloth as they all begin to laugh.
And the conversation switches.

Submitted: April 21, 2020

© Copyright 2021 E.L. Grimes. All rights reserved.

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Very relevant to today. I can imagine many such conversations taking place, with slight variations.

Tue, April 21st, 2020 7:06pm


Thank you for taking the time to read and review my story. If you have any tips that would improve my writing I would love to hear them.

Tue, April 21st, 2020 9:30pm

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