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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Poetry  |  House: Booksie Classic

Monsters to society or simply misunderstood?

We have a perpetual problem going in the dark 

 But we don't always come back the same

We're looking for an old spark 

But something else calls us by name 


Red cloaks, dark nights, and the  moonlight through the trees.

Running barefoot, candle lights and spells of enchantment. 

Crows cawing, flashlights, and a chilling breeze 

And they are dancing,dancing.




There are wolves in sheep clothing everywhere 

And if this was a fairytale I might be scared 

But they aren't blowing down houses like people fear

Because the real monsters caught us unprepared 


They look like you and me

Lost and all alone 

Brave-faced trying to fit into society 

Who casted the first stone


Mysterious figures, kissing, and dancing in the rain 

Tear stained faces, pages missing, and smell of perfume

Cemetery gates, cats hissing, and the never-ending pain.

And a missing groom, a missing groom.




Insecurity is a dear old friend

No matter how far we run from our pasts

It's a dead end no matter how much we pretend 

Nothing lasts


Self-gratification, the smell of books, and the songs that sound the same

Loud thunder, shifty looks, and a place to call home

Mysteries, metal hooks, and the black sheep that's always blamed

And we're afraid to be alone, all alone.




The wolves are everywhere 

We were caught unprepared 

But it's not them that you should fear

Because the monsters are already here


Submitted: April 21, 2020

© Copyright 2021 WhatFieryHellisThis. All rights reserved.

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