Behind the Shower Curtain

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Horror  |  House: Booksie Classic

What lies behind your Shower Curtain?

Ever since he was young Brad feared Shower Curtains.  He always felt as if there was something behind them.  He was convinced that something would hop out and attack when he was at his most vulnerable.  When he was inside the shower he felt the same.  He’d often leave the curtain open while bathing.  Water splashed onto the floor soaking all the way to the wood paneling.  His mom would yell at him but he didn’t care.


There was something lurking behind the curtain, he could feel it.  The way it moved gently despite there being no breeze.  The way small noises would find their way up the drain.  Brad knew that the day he let his guard down was the day the unseen force would get him.


The irrational fears followed him into adulthood.  He refused to have a Roommate for fear they’d leave the shower curtain closed.  His romantic relationships were always short lived.  His family and friends weren’t allowed to use the restroom when they came to visit.  Naturally, he was alone most of his life.  He spent most of his time in his small one bedroom apartment.


One day something odd happened.  Brad came home from work to find the shower curtain was closed.  The door had been locked.  There was no way anyone could have gotten in.  Brad held a knife in his hand as he flung the curtain open.  There was no one there but the drain gurgled as if water had just been ran.  Brad's hands trembled and his breathing was heavy.


It kept happening.  Brad would come home and the shower curtain would be closed.  Violently he tore the shower curtain apart and threw it away, realizing he should have done so long ago.


That night he had an odd dream.  He was floating high above his apartment, looking down into it.  In the bathroom he could see a creature made of shadow ascending out the shower drain.  It formed Into a being that surpassed description.  It’s claws and teeth were one and the same and it’s retched eyes formed most of its bulbous body.


Brad woke with a start, running to the bathroom.  A shower curtain had mysteriously appeared.  It moved just slightly.  Brad swore he could hear breathing.


He locked the bathroom off and didn’t set foot in it.  He bathed and groomed himself in public restrooms or deep in the woods where the streams ran cold.  The few people he had left in his life slowly faded away as his demeanor transformed Into that of a mad man. His manic eyes kept everyone at a distance. 


One night he had the same dream except this time he wasn’t just looking Into his own apartment.  He was looking into his neighbors apartments, houses down the block and houses all around the world.  Behind every shower curtain there was an abomination.  While people used the toilet, washed their hands, or groomed themselves the abominations sat in anticipation.  They waited, lurking just out of sight.


Brad awoke in a cold sweat.  Dashing out of his room he saw that the bathroom door was open.  He grabbed the bat that lay near his bed.  Slowly, he crept into the bathroom, the bat held in front of him.  The shower curtain was closed.  Brad's breath was heavy as he stared and waited.  He swore he saw one long claw extend out, preparing to open the curtain.


With surprising speed Brad ran forward and swung.  The shower curtain wrapped around his bat and was torn off the rod.  There was nothing behind it.  For a split second Brad wondered if his life-long fear was unfounded.


Then, out the corner of his eye, he saw a long claw wrapping around his shoulder.  It was cold and yet burned.  Another one landed itself on his other side.  Brad closed his eyes as terror gripped his soul.  A gurgling sound reminiscent of a clogged drain filled his ears.  He tried to scream but was silenced as he was consumed. 


Submitted: April 22, 2020

© Copyright 2021 Conrad Hueston. All rights reserved.

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You do an excellent job of showing how a fear can spiral out of control, and also how something that seemed irrational proves not to be so at all.

Wed, April 22nd, 2020 7:10pm

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