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I have found the pieces of me in you. I love how loving you makes me feel.

A Romantic masterpiece by The Great Infufin Ayomide D’ Great and The Queen of Poetry.


When I'm with you, i feel alive,

As you came into my life like the dead came back to life,

God bless the day we had our first chat,

Heaven told me you're the joy to fill my heart.


Thank you my love, my life found its meaning with you,

Thank God to our first date, to our endless calls and laughter,

I love how I love you, you made loving you so loveable, 

Thank God, my prayers were answered,

God sent me a man with paper heart like me.


I was looking for love but I found Grace,

This is Truelove so my heart says,

A wife to be; a life of bliss,

The undying love of a love to die for with ease.


I found the pieces of me in you,

You restored my shuttered heart, made me your Queen,

Now allow me to be you wife, my mama told me you're the one for me,

Even my artistry, won’t do you justice,

You are my Roho yangu*


Love is beautiful, love is lovely, love is we,

It's our's; even if it leaves, it'll still come back to the tree,

Amidst these curvy figures, you're the only one I see...

We're meant to be, you're meant for me,

You're Subby my baby part 3...


_Roho yangu*:  it means my heart in Swahili language._


Queen SubbyThePoet.


Inufin Ayomide D'great.

Submitted: April 22, 2020

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