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Status: In Progress  |  Genre: Science Fiction  |  House: Booksie Classic

After some dodgy dealings with the life in Las Vegas in the 50s, The brothers decide enough is enough and chance the time machine will come to their rescue but it is anybody's guess where they will finish up.

Having met and dealt with the Mafia George and Ron have decided to leave this era in their machine but neither know if it is working, is it safe and where are they going to find themselves.
It is too late now, with the mob hot on their heels it was time to make a hasty retreat to somewhere other than here.
Strangely the machine has knocked them out. This has never happened before.
"George, wake up, wake up, we have stopped travelling."
A startled Ron wipes the sleep from his eyes.
"Any idea where or when we are. How long have we been out?"
A million questions are going through their heads.
Ron checking with his watch is amazed to discover that they have been time travelling for three days, far longer than ever before.
The previous travelling has taught them that geographically they should still be in the same location but hopefully in a better environment.
They look around them, there is nothing, not an undamaged building, not a living person and little or no vegetation.
"My God! I think they have finally destroyed the human race."
It is no good sitting there, they need to explore and try to find some answers.
A gust of hot Nevada air creates a dust storm which drives them into the remains of an abandoned motel.
A derelict newsstand may hold some evidence of why this city is no more.
Scraps of a newspaper with faded writing reads, "The worldwide pandemic virus has returned with a vengeance. Nobody is surviving and all means of logistics and food production has ceased.
America has become the wild west again with marauding outlaws stealing and killing to survive. NOBODY IS SAFE."

"Hey George, look at the date on this old cutting."
July 20th 2026.
The headlines read, "The 2019 pandemic virus has killed more people worldwide than two world wars, the 1918 Spanish flu and Stalin`s merciless post-war killing combined, last estimate calculated at half a billion people."
Of course, this only gives the date the paper was published; Who knows how old the scrap of paper is.
Their immediate concern is not the dreadful news but of where to find food and water.
It is obvious that there has been looting and scavenging so it is going to be a difficult problem to overcome.
Searching through the ramshackle buildings, Ron spies a rucksack lying partially concealed in a small larder sized room.
"George, come give me a hand to lift this old worktop."
With both young men in a room, they are startled when the door is slammed behind them.
They soon realise that they have been lured into a trap, but by whom and why.
Outside they can hear screaming and gunfire. What on earth is going on?
At least they know they are not alone but what kind of people seem to be shooting willy nilly.
"You in there, we are opening the door, come out with your hands on your head, we are armed and will not hesitate to shoot."
George whispers to Ron to keep quiet about their machine.
Outside they are searched and ordered to the ground.
Their capturers are dressed in rags and appear to be late teens to early twenties.
A much older better-dressed man speaks to them.
"Where did you get your clothes from and where have you come from?"
George jumps in before Ron starts telling the truth.
"We have been hiding in one of the warehouses on the outskirts of the city and we found a suitcase containing some decent clothes."
Handcuffed together they are led away for further questioning and en route, they see the results of the gunfire. A man lies dead and is being cut into smaller pieces.
The travellers look at each other and realise they need to get away from this place soonest.
They realise that the better-dressed man is the leader of these young uneducated ragamuffins. Better keep on the right side of him.
Acting a little bewildered they ask Eric, the leader, how such a situation has arisen.
"So what is today`s date? and how long has it been like this?"
Eric is astounded by their ignorance but humours them anyway; he likes to talk.
It is sometime in June 2031. The great pandemic of 2019 caused millions of deaths worldwide and shortly in 2022, the blame game started.
The source of the outbreak had been located to a small Russian island and was further escalated when they were being allowed to leave the island to spread the virus to nearby American controlled islands.
Well, the Americans were never going to stand for this and threatened a nuclear attack on the plagued island.
Of course, this was the red rag to a bull situation that Russia had waited so long for.
Within weeks many atomic weapons were used and most of the civilised world had gone.
Glibly he retorts, "As they say the rest is history."
Ron and George explain that they were stranded on an African island and over the years had depleted all the edible stock.
They had found a small sailing boat and decided to try and get to maybe Spain or Portugal.
Their luck ran out when they were rammed and captured by a pirate vessel.
Their knowledge of navigation had saved their lives and they persuaded the captain to head for the West Indies where they might be safe and have plenty of food.
One thing led to another and travelling by any means possible they had finished up here.
A load of baloney but Eric was taken in and realised they were a better proposition than the young illiterate band he was leading now.
"Why the killing and cutting up of the man?"
Eric without blinking says "We gotta eat something."
This is not what they need to hear, "Canibalisation"
They need to get away from here and quick.
the big problem is they don`t know where they are and how to get back to their machine.
It soon becomes apparent that the newcomers are going to be an asset.
They start to teach the survivors basic farming techniques in particular fast-growing crops such as beans and salad type food.
Although the smell of cooked human flesh is tempting their taste buds, they manage to avoid eating meat.
Whispering to each other they need to find their machine quick.
Mumbles of "Too many to feed and last to come, not needing two more hangers-on." They feel they could be the next meal.
Ron suggests taking his brother and a hunting party back to the city, there might be some wild animals scavenging, and any meat has got to be better than human flesh.
Early next morning a team of five head back to hopefully their salvation.
They need a plan and quick. It will be easy to fool and lose most of the hunting party but the leader has decided to join them in their little escapade.
Eric is a clever man and he suspects the brothers are going to escape from the encampment.
"Show me where the warehouse is that you were hiding out in."
Ron realises that they have been rumbled but insists it is not a good idea for all to know.
The three scavengers leave the party and head to where the time machine was left.
Eric is no fool and decides to handcuff the boys together and tether himself to them.
The brothers are no strangers to handcuffs and figure if they can lose Eric they can make a run for it, they can quickly remove them and get away in the machine.
George gives Ron the wink of an eye and together they overcome the leader.
it is no mean feat, Eric is one of the stronger survivors.
He succumbs to a stranglehold and passes out.
The cuffs are quickly removed. Leaving Eric securely bound they stealthily make their way to the machine.
It is still there, covered by boxes and a heavy coating of desert sand.
They realise that when they used it last they both fell asleep and could not control how long they had travelled for.
They will not make the same mistake again.
The generator has a timer fitted to it so a delay of twenty minutes is put on.
They still won`t know where they will finish up but surely anywhere is better than here.
The petrol fueled generator starts at first attempt but is very noisy.
"Let`s just go!" a panicking Ron shouts and with a flick of a switch, they vanish in a haze.
Little do they know that they have picked up a passenger in the shape of Eric.

Submitted: April 22, 2020

© Copyright 2021 oddarch48. All rights reserved.

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