Chapter 24: (v.2) Shape of Things

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Science Fiction  |  House: Spirit Space

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The flood waters receded and the steady warming continued. 

This was when all forms of fauna, both wild and domesticated, would meet mass extinction, All types of flora would begin to die out as well, with oxygen levels being affected by the huge loss of plants and trees.

But it was shortly after the Time of the Flood that the greatest producer of oxygen, the plankton of the worlds oceans, would actually undergo a massive explosion of life, what the scientists of the twenty-third century had called 'Super Sea Bloom,' as the last burst of creation was sent forth by the least complex of Earths remaining creatures.

This sea life, things which would not reach full size or maturity,would become Blue.

It was in the year 2313 that the most difficult decision had to be made in order to maintain human survival. 

All food sources were being rapidly depleted. The rain had stopped, the floods had ended, and now all fresh water was evaporating at an alarming rate with no new cloud formation to follow.

The once fertile and giving fields had dried up, then were burnt into dust by heat that was only increasing.

As riots rocked and shattered what had been human society world wide, scientists had quietly gathered together, stepping up to take control as governments and institutions of power crumbled.

Decisions had to be made and quickly to preventmass starvation. Fortunately, desalinization was already being used in areas of the world, the process in place,it was relatively easy to establish new processing plants near the shorelines of major cities.

The problem was, oxygen vs. food, with the planktonic 'soup' becoming the only thing left to consume. There was lots of it, but with it gone, what would become of the oxygen content of Earths atmosphere?

In the end, a choice was made and a risk was taken and the Blue Project began.

That was over a decade ago, and now the last of the plankton had been harvested.

Scientists held their breath as they waited to see the effects of the loss of plankton on oxygen levels. It did diminish, losing fifty percent within the atmosphere. But amazingly it stopped at that point, not lessening any further.

It puzzled. The plants and trees were gone, and now the plankton, and still oxygen remained at half of what it had been.

As human beings would move about, even slow steps became fraught with willful effort, tasking even youthful hearts and lungs. Moving at sea level had become similar to climbing the higher elevations of Mount Everest.

It was another reason why the outskirts,where there was no distribution of water or Blue, had been abandoned, with the remaining population gathering in the still existing cities, those such as New York.

As Terri and Clayton continued down the broken highway east, there was silence between them once again, until ntil Clayton ended it.

"There'll be more tanks along the way...should be drinkable water in at least one of them. If not..we'll have to seriously ration what we got..."

Terri closed her eyes, "we should do it anyway..."

Another day had come and gone. As they drove into the twlight they didn't know that they had left the heartland and were now offically in the east. A measurement of the past which no longer mattered.

Here they encountered more tanks, finding drinkable water in two. Filling the empty and near empty containers, they continued on.

Six nights into the journey, they entered the first stretch of the Northeast, passing through the now desert like areas where decades ago, several years of continual "Atomic Tornado' events had torn apart thousands of miles of land, shattering towns which sought to hold on under the furious and relentless attack.

The region becoming a type of virtual vortex, something of a new and beyond strange atmospheric cataclysm. What had been New England, upstate New York, and much of Eastern Canada had been ripped away, becoming barren and tundra like without the renewing cool and moisture of the permafrost.




Submitted: April 23, 2020

© Copyright 2021 LE. Berry. All rights reserved.


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