this poem is from the perspective of a tomboy. read through these humorous lines, and understand how they feel.

“You know those clothes are for boys, right?”

I get that a lot, 

I simply say,

“Hey, why not?”


Tennis shoes and hoodie, 

That’s how I dress, 

“I saw that in the boys’ section!” they address.

Do I care? 

I don’t think so.

Nobody gets it, 

So I say, 

“How would you know?”


I don’t wear

That girly-girl style, 

so instead, I walk into the boys’ aisle.

The shopkeeper tells me,

“The girls’ section is over there Ms.”

I look over at him with a hiss.

The shopkeeper turns and walks away,

while I stand there looking at some shorts in grey.


Even though I’m a girl,

all those dresses make me hurl.

All those skirts so silvery,

and all those heels so glittery.

I just want people to see

I just love me for me.

Hoodie, shorts, tennis shoes and more,

I love me for me,

I’m very sure.


Submitted: April 24, 2020

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