In a world where myths and legends exist alongside humanity.....a time of change is coming.
For better or worse lives will be changed and blood will flow....
It is said that if one gazes too far into the gazes back at you.
So do step away from the edge.....or do you DARE to let yourself fall in?

Table of Contents

finally blooded

  Truly Blooded Saturday night 9 September 2009 “Now that’s what I call a good night” muttered Victor Breakspear as he ... Read Chapter

Rewind to Shadow World Crash Course (Plus some broken bones)

Rewind to Shadow World Crash Course (plus some broken bones) About three years ago Deep Waters, Florida, USA Fla... Read Chapter

of old grudges and new wounds

Of Old Grudges and New Wounds Friday night 17 September 2009 Eibenheizer mansion, outskirts of Paris, France Softly and with careful ent... Read Chapter

just another hunt.....mind the damn blood!

Just another hunt......mind the damn Blood! Monday 21st September 2009 Chigaco slum side, USA “I told you we should have bro... Read Chapter

twilight's coming

Twilight’s Coming Saturday 26 September 2009 “Good one Celia, you are truly improving as the ... Read Chapter

the storm gathers

Tuesday night 29 September 2009 Hong Kong   Faster, faster thought the demon Tajiri as he fled past any passers-by without a... Read Chapter

Bread, Salt and Blood

Bread, Salt and Blood Thursday 9th October The Salting Ground Club, Deep Waters, Florida, USA OK I take it back, this is going wo... Read Chapter

All roads lead to somewhere

All Roads lead to somewhere Wednesday 28 October 2009, the Breakspear Complex, Deep Waters, Florida, USA Edwin Breakspear considered him... Read Chapter

When the Roof falls in

ABYSS Chapter 8: When the Roof falls in Thursday 29 October 2009......about an hour prior to the Shadow Kin envoy entering the New York I... Read Chapter

Post-meeting Fireworks.....and Re-meetings

Abyss Chapter 9: Post-Meeting Fireworks.....and Re-meetings Thursday evening 29 October 2009, the meeting hall of the New York Institute ... Read Chapter

Streets of Fire

Abyss Chapter 10: Streets of Fire Thursday evening 29 October, The Blue Oyster Bar, New York City, USA Archie Grimshaw wasn’t sure what... Read Chapter

A Bloody Refresher

Abyss Chapter 11: A Bloody Refresher Thursday evening 29 October 2009, the New York Institute Abraham smashed a demon’s head in with a ... Read Chapter

A Night to Dismember

Laksotar sees a victory within his grasp....only for a more fearsome foe to thwart his coup de grace
Read Chapter