Asian poetry

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Status: In Progress  |  Genre: Poetry  |  House: Booksie Classic

Just a bunch of random words, linked into sentences forming poems, delicately penned :)

Desired sneeze

The little ones, visit us every day
Wiping off the golden rays,

When the supper is served hot
and the grannies rock the cots,
the children return home
silently tiptoe the little gnomes
Its when the grandpas lit their cigars
and silence roams in parks and bazaars
the little ones hop and climb
painting skies, black and fine
they rub off the remains of the sun
and cool off, all its burns
they plaster the yellow, crescent crust
cleaning off yesterday's dust!
Next they glitter the fireflies
Perfectly golden, neat and nice
The littlest one, of them all,
itches, galls and squalls
Gifting us a desired sneeze
Sprinkling over the stars on all!
The stars twist, blink and wink
And beautiful lullabies they sing!





The purple sky above my head
and lavenders beneath my feet
Purple, a color of lovely sunsets,
above the lilac fields,
purple is the last one,
in a rainbow
Purple, was that only flower,
in the fields of yellow!
On the green lush trees
the purple berries hang!
Blows, the cool breeze
through the purple lands,
I watch how the sun dives
leaving the stars behind,
the stars which ring the bells
and the ivories, lilacs and lavenders
Sell their purple colors
making the lovely purple sunsets
Oh man! I'm obsessed



Echoing footsteps

The rays slide over the walls
Bright and piercing yellow!
Another morning has approached
Dragging another day with it

The golden haired doll,
desired by "hundreds of people"
perches on the doorstep
worried about the "shoe maker"

The peaceful vista today
won't be seem forever
"It was the worst of times"
won't last forever

These sunkissed cobblestone walls and streets
Which stand calmly still,
Would invite a stampede soon
As the golden haired doll,
Could hear "echoing footsteps"

Enjoy these sunny times
As long as they last,
Cause soon these cobblestoned streets
will flood in "the red wine"


Vibrating blue and green

It's the tree, full of color
Vibrating blue and green
Shining on a luminous night
Enhancing the brilliant scene
This oak tree once,
was a little nut
which steadfastly held the ground
Now, it bears and blooms
Breaking all the bounds!
Or maybe this tree
was planted by the old man
who knew he was never,
To sit beneath the shade
He had master prosperity
now this tree, is more
It's the squirrel's home
It's a mother of fruits
It provides shades to the ones
Traveling unknown routes!


Blue skies no more

When the sun dives down
Flaunting behind its orange gown
And the skies don't remain blue
Strange, yet enigmatic, without a clue
Its when the orange, conquers the skies
And the fatigued mother bird,
Closes her eyes


Submitted: April 24, 2020

© Copyright 2021 Reappak. All rights reserved.

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