The Next Man's Blessing

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Romance  |  House: Romance

After being alone for awhile, she finally finds love. But her ex-husband is not quite ready to let go.

As he exited the store and held the door, their eyes locked
Astonished by her beauty, his heart momentarily stopped
Instinctively he turned to admire her frame
And pleasantly to his surprise, she did the same
She gave a flirtatious smile as she walked away
Caught up in the moment, he couldn't find the words to say
Not even hello could escape his lips
Lost in her eyes and the sway of her hips
Slowly walking backwards, nearly stumbling to the ground
He gathered himself and he turned around
He walked to his car but in his mind he wondered
Should he have took his shot and asked her her number
Screw it he said, what's the worst that can happen
So he headed back in to begin his mackin'
As the strutted inside he spotted her in the corner
Like a lion stalking it's prey, he quickly pounced upon her
Complimenting her beauty, he extended his hand
Introduced himself and inquired if she had a man
She said she was married but at the time separated
And it's been quite awhile since the last time she dated
He asked if dinner would be appropriate at all
I'll consider it she said, just give me a call
He tried to play it cool as she sauntered away
And to not seem thirsty he waited a day
To pick up his cell and ring her line
They agreed to meet that night for sushi and wine
They spent the evening conversating and laughing
Paying no attention at all to how much time was passing
As he gazed into her eyes, he could read her soul
A story of pain that didn't have to be told
And in his arms she found safety and comfort
As if the sound of his voice could erase all the hurt
Over the next few weeks they fell quick and hard
There was not a spare moment that they spent apart
She introduced him to her son and they instantly gelled
Seeing their connection, the deeper she fell
They made the decision to move in together
And he asked her if she would be his forever
A thousand times yes she said, of course
There's just that little matter of finalizing the divorce
Happily ever after would be hers at last
So she picked up the phone to take to the task
Of asking her husband to grant her her freedom
He replied we'll talk about it when i come to see my son
She thought it was done , it was just a formality
But when her ex came by and he witnessed how happy
Another man was making her, he changed his mind
He professed his love and he refused to sign
I want my family back are the words that he told her
Followed up by it's not over til I say it's over
And as she looked at his face and the rage in his eyes
She flashed back to all the times that he had made her cry
All the days filled with physical and mental abuse
And the strength that it took for her to finally break loose
As she summoned that strength to say never again
She felt the force of his fist across her chin
Falling to the floor, she refused to cry
She picked herself up and looked him dead in his eyes
She said you can hit me til I'm black and blue
But that won't change the fact that you and me are through
With a smirk he replied, your new man got you acting brand new
You seem to be forgetting that I'm the one that made you
Took you out of the hood, bought them clothes you got on
Loved you when nobody else did, now that's where you're wrong...
She interrupted. you never loved me
You only lusted for my body and put your money above me
You wanted a trophy you could show off to your boys
I was never your wife, just another one of your toys
Hell, you treated your cars with more respect than me
What kind of love would have your woman down on her knees
Begging and pleading for you not to cheat on her
What kind of love would make you want to beat on her
What kind of love would make you neglect your son
Yeah you made me, made me a stronger woman for the next one
You see I finally found love and it feels so right
So please sign these papers and move on with your life
Our chapter is done, our time was a lesson
That hurt set me up to be the next man's blessing

Submitted: April 25, 2020

© Copyright 2021 E.L. Grimes. All rights reserved.

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