Love under the Loquat Tree Chp 3

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Status: In Progress  |  Genre: Young Adult  |  House: Booksie Classic

Quinn watches as Jethro and Tabatha fight over her being injured. As well as Jethro and Tabatha don't know Quinn is watching them, Quinn doesn't know the spirit who injured Tabatha is watching him.

CHAPTER 3 – A tender scar

A lively spirit came down to Earth. This one looked part human and part dragon. Her head had long flowing black hair while her legs, arms and back covered in neon green and royal blue scales. Her name was Kialee and she craned her neck out to see what was happening below her. The conflict between Tabatha, and Jethro was intense. Quinn had seen her push the poor human into that fountain and there was nothing he could do about it. She dropped down a few clouds to get a loser listen as to what was unfolding. She didn’t get close enough that Quinn could see her.

“I thought I had told you I never wanted you to see you here again.” Tabatha questioned

“You did, I just choose to ignore your statement.” Jethro answered

“Then why are you here today?”

“This isn’t something you can claim is yours and keep everyone away from just because you like it. It’s a free country after all.”

“Well … I wanted this to be a place where I can be away from my family and be alone in the outdoors without having to interact with others. So now will you leave?” Tabatha grew concerned. He wasn’t backing down.

“I could but I don’t want to. You weren’t here this morning and it was a lovely place until you turned up with your sour attitude.”  Jethro replied unwavering

“I’m not sour! Last week I hit my head on a fountain and I was in the hospital. I like things the way they were before last week. I liked coming here ALONE. I liked being able to enjoy myself and have some peace and quiet. I liked having a private space without others knowing or interfering. Please go find your own place and leave mine alone.” Pleaded Tabatha

“I … wait. What happened last week? You hit your head and were in the hospital. Are you ok? Wait, you rode your bike here? Is that even safe? Let me see.” Jethro walked over to examine Tabatha.

Tabatha shirked his touch and turned away. She didn’t want to look at him or have him looking at her. Jethro stood behind her casting a shadow.  “Please turn around. I just want to make sure you are doing ok. Please?” Jethro’s concern caught in his throat and his voice squeaked.

Quinn was fed up. This Jethro had no right to make sure Tabatha was ok. Quinn felt enraged that he cared so much for Tabatha and couldn’t do anything to comfort her. Sure, of course she didn’t know he existed but there was nothing he could do. That evil spirit from last Saturday concerned him. Not many spirits had the capability of being able to interact with humans or earth on a physical level. Quinn shook his head trying to get the sequence of scenes out of his head. One minute Tabatha was sitting in the fountain enjoying herself with a large grin on her face. The next a spirit had come down, stood behind her and almost killed her. All it took was a simple hand being inserted into her head and making a fist. If the spirit had held on much longer or Tabatha’s body hadn’t fallen she could have died. Quinn was trying to calm down as these images filled his head. That spirit had no right to do what it had done. If he ever found that spirit with green and blue scales there was going to be a major fight. Breathe Quinn told himself, focus on what’s going on in front of you.

“If I turn around and you see that I’m ok will you leave?” Tabatha asked

“If you’re actually ok then yes, I’ll leave you and this place alone. But if I see you are still hurt in any way I’m not going anywhere.”  Jethro truthfully answered. Upon hearing this Tabatha turned around. She walked a little bit into the sunlight and tilted her head. She parted her hair and directed with her hands the places where the doctors had made incisions.

“See here. There was a cut on my head from where it hit the fountain. I passed out for a little bit but then I woke up. I didn’t remember what happened but the doctor and the police told me. They tried to make me remember but there is nothing to remember. The doctors sewed me up just fine. They didn’t need to operate on my brain because they just ran a bunch of tests. So since the scar won’t go away I’m not sure if my hair will grow back properly. Aside from that I’m perfectly fine.” Tabatha allowed him to run his fingers across her tender head. She flinched once or twice but he didn’t hurt her. Jethro’s fingers gently let go of her hair before attempting horribly to straighten her hair how it was. Feeling that’s what he was trying she titled her head up and started messing with her hair herself.  Jethro stared at her and watched. She wasn’t behaving much like someone who had hurt their head. Then again maybe this girl had a thick skull. She turned away when he looked into her eyes.

“Your name was … Tabatha right?” Jethro asked carefully

“Yes and yours was something that started with a random letter.” Tabatha retorted

“It starts with the letter J and the full name is Jethro Elisha Dartvan. But I’m guessing with your current head trauma you’re not going to remember that either.”

“I’m not going to remember on purpose. It won’t be because of the head trauma but because I’m not going to see you again.” Tabatha stomped off to go grab her gear

“Looks like you are going to see me again. I’m going to be here every Saturday from now on whether you like me to or not.” Jethro crossed his arms and leaned against the tree in the shade as he watched her put on her backpack that she had tossed down.  Tabatha had pulled on her backpack and stopped when he finished his sentence. What was he talking about? Turning around she got furious at him.

“I thought we agreed once you saw I was ok you were going to leave me alone. My scar is going to heal and my head doesn’t hurt. Why in the world are you saying that you’re going to be here when you promised otherwise?” Tabatha had practically gotten in his face to remind him of what he had promised.

“Yes I had promised that. But you obviously aren’t ok. It’s not just because you’re going to have that scar the rest of your life. You are not ok. You are scared of being hurt again. You are scared I’m the one who hurt you. I can see it in your eyes. You’re about ready to cry. You’re not going to cry because you’re angry with me but because you need to sit down and let yourself calm down before your scar starts hurting because you’re emotional.” Jethro responded calm and despondent. He was now growing concerned for her. I’m not sure it’s safe for her to ride her bike when she’s like this. Jethro worked on controlling his breathing so he wouldn’t scare her further.

“What are you talking about? There’s no way I’m scared of you Jethro.” Tabatha stood as tall as she reached and glared into his eyes. “Do these eyes look scared to you?” She defiantly questioned

“Yes Tabatha. Your eyes are tearing up. The pressure of your voice and the reaction of your body shows me how much you are trying to cover it up. I am not a mind reader but I can read body language.” Jethro couldn’t control Tabatha. How do I calm her down so she doesn’t storm off and hurt herself? Jethro questioned himself.

Quinn felt unsure as to what was going on. This Jethro didn’t know the first thing about Tabatha but he was reading her right. If Quinn could comment on the situation he could have told Tabatha the exact same thing. She didn’t know who Quinn was but she took up arms against Jethro who was just trying to help. Quinn felt his heart soften. Jethro wasn’t trying to steal Tabatha only help her in the exact way Quinn himself wished he could.

Kialee exhaled creating a decent gust of wind. In doing so she almost gave away her position to Quinn who ignored the sudden burst of wind. Quinn cared too much for a human for who he could do nothing. He couldn’t protect her or interact with her. There was no reason for his infatuation to belong to this human. If Quinn had a brain he would see that there was someone who was interested in him. Instead by hurting his precious human Kialee had to change something so the when she did interact with Quinn he wouldn’t know it was her. Kialee left her cloud and returned to the spirit world focusing on how to interact with Quinn so he couldn’t know she had hurt stupid Tabatha.

“Fine, since you think I’m not going to be ok I guess there’s nothing for me to say. I can only ask for you to take sure of this place. I’m not coming back I’m going to find a new spot. Don’t come after or looking for me. Goodbye Jethro.” Tabatha turned around and walked away. She walked up to her handlebars and put back on her helmet. Starting to feel her tears run down her face she mounted her bicycle. Using first one arm then the other she wiped her tears so she could see. She didn’t have to look back to know he was going to followed her. Tabatha heard Jethro throw a few curse words, then run off away from the tree and heard him fumble with the lock on his bicycle. She was pedaling on her bicycle as she heard him cuss again and yelling at her to wait.

Submitted: April 25, 2020

© Copyright 2021 KAWASHA QUIVFOG LOTTIE BO-JUDE PARCHMENT ZYNX. All rights reserved.

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