I Loved But They Don't

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Literary Fiction  |  House: Booksie Classic

She asked, ‘what is wrong with you?’
For its all because of the things I do.
But don’t understand myself either
And after spending much time together,

I asked, ‘why do I love this way?’
So deep that I must end up dismay
What is wrong with me that don’t know?
What is it that I’m not letting go?

She asked, ‘are you ready?’
So I thought I was going to make it
And I said, ‘please don’t go away’
But she said that she don’t want delay

I asked, ‘what is it have I gain?’
After taking a deep breath In pain
Years past we had no trace of eachother
Then I knew I had lost her to another

I asked, ‘what is wrong with me?’
For God’s sake that I won’t stop thinking
Move on! She is not the only person
I had to console myself with that reason.

I asked, ‘how would I be able to move on?’
Not quite long I saw another going on her own.
Oh! Within myself I got a genuine conviction
And my spirit said, ‘go! Engage her in a conversation.

I asked, ‘may I know you better?’
She said, ‘I’m busy, see you later
Later! Then I’ll be waiting
Surprisingly, I caught myself smiling

I asked, ‘why Am I even happy yet?’
I discovered genuine love and I can’t neglect
And so we met the next day
It was after worship on a Sunday.

She asked, ‘what are your inner most intentions?’
That I may give and receive love without conditions
Those are the words that I said to her
But she said, ‘sorry, my love I cant offer

I asked, ‘please, can you give me a chance?’
She said, No! all she wants is distance
For all the truth I tried to Let her know,
All I get from her was a capital No!

I asked, ‘why should I keep trying?’
Its all for love, my heart was dying
For the reason to love, I fasted
Just three days my fasting lasted.

I asked, ‘why do I always love wrong people?’
Even with fasting and prayer I still wasn’t able.
I became sick, pretended it was cough.
What do you expect? Everything was tough

I asked, ‘God! Why me this time?’
Ever since I said No, I’ve not been fine.
Look! It was her message on my phone,
O God Thank you, at last all is done.

I asked, ‘but does she really love me the same way?’
Because she has not returned my calls since on Friday
When would my love bring me everlasting happiness
I don’t know why my heart loves much but get less.

Submitted: April 25, 2020

© Copyright 2021 omanga lawrence. All rights reserved.

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