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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Poetry  |  House: Booksie Classic

An initiative by the PoeTREE Foundation to help the audience of New Age Enlightenment to better understand the poems published under the movement.

The movement had a collaborative poetry series and one of the topics our writers had to write about was the Economy. So on this week's segment of the inside scoop, Lerato Morei interviewed Madesh, Keitumetse Segoai and Rendani Marcus, who she wrote the Part 3 poem of the series with.

Lerato Morei: What challenges did you face when you were writing a poem about the economy?

Keitumetse Segoai : -The challenge I faced was asking myself, "How do I incorporate the state of the economy and how it affects business owners and citizens in a poem? "
-Another challenge I faced was getting the appropriate rhyme scheme as I enjoy using rhyme schemes in my poetry.

Madesh: Well it was the first time writing about the economy, so the problem was finding the right perspective and laying the whole concept and the jargon on a poem

Lerato Morei: How did you guys conduct your research?

Rendani Marcus : I had to go to different news sites and spoke to a few big business and small business owners.
The work load was divided into two people so we cover more on the research...
Google really played a major role.

Madesh: I went to a few trading platforms and News site, Market Watch to be specific and I used some of the information provided by the group members.

 Lerato Morei: What are your predictions on the economy for the next 6 months?

Rendani Marcus : If the Virus gets contained, we might have a weak but recovering economy. If things keep spiralling out of control, the country and its economy are good as dead.

Keitumetse Segoai : I think the economy will gradually recover after a few months

Madesh: Seeing as there's no economical activity and assets depreciating and also because the country is in massive debt, we're in a recession and have been declared as a junk status. I really think we're headed towards a Great Depression and the Economy might take a while to recover.

Lerato Morei: How did it feel like writing as a group?

Rendani Marcus : It was awesome, completely awesome!

Keitumetse Segoai : It was a beautiful experience

Madesh: It was great, all the members have their own creative and unique ways of writing which made writing this series really fun and exciting.

Lerato Morei: Lastly, are you looking forward to another possible series?

Rendani Marcus : Whatever it is, I'm ready.

Keitumetse Segoai : I'm really looking forward to another series

Madesh: Anytime, anyday.

The lockdown was a test to our writers about how creative they can get with their pens.

Submitted: April 26, 2020

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