The Dragon

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Join Jorgen as he becomes friends with a Dragon. The adventure started in his bedroom window till protecting his Dragon friend! Can Jorgen save his Dragon friend from dying?



14th March



On a Violent Street

People were fighting to death for a jewel. every one of them bad blood. some of them were already dead. I, Jorgen was watching from my bedroom window. then after a few seconds lightning, swooped in and grabbed the Jewel. Several men died. the thing had flown into the sky. I too felt anger in my heart. Jewels were very very precious to me. Then something took control of my brain or something. I jumped out of my bedroom window which was on the second floor of the house. the men on the street gasped as they saw me jump. I was about to fall onto the street, but just then the thing carried me away. I looked up and ... A Dragon carrying me!


Dragon’s Nest

it took me to its nest. and there leave the enormous jewel. 7th cross. then seconds later, a baby Dragon emerged. make any sense to me. first duel was on the street when it was supposed to be in this nest. and next to the Jewel there was a Dragon egg that look much more like a Dragon egg. I had no time to think, so I tried to jump out of the nest which was on a mountain. the Dragon blocked my exit. Yeah, just as I thought. First looking out of my bedroom window and now trapped in a Dragon's nest


Hunters in the Nest!

Right after that hot a bunch of hunters where in the nest. the Dragon didn't kill me tell now, so I decided to defend the Dragon. I tried to explain it to the Hunters, but all they said was "get out of the way you dumb kid". the Dragon roared as a bullet struck its stomach. Blood flowed down on to the Dragons nest. No! I shouted. Get out of the way you dumb men!! I shouted as I kicked the Leader with brute force. Take him away shouted the Leader. Some Hunters threw me down. I grabbed onto a rock. I climbed up and said Idiots! Maniacs! I punched the Leader's face. A Hunter shot a bullet on the Dragon. The Leader fell down the mountain. A Hunter unleashed a bullet at me. I ducked and kicked him down the Mountain.


Dragon Fire!

Seven more Hunters were shooting at the Dragon. Then the Dragon roared fire at the Hunters. Six died. The surviving Hunter kicked me on the leg. I fell down. The Hunter shot a bullet at the Dragon. Just then, I punched him on his face. The Hunter fell down and rolled off the Mountain.


Dragon War!

I jumped into the cave. The baby Dragon was jumping and looking at me. I patted it. Just then a fierce roar was heard. The sound was so powerful that the entrance of the cave was covered with mud. I put the baby Dragon in a safe place and punched the mud away. There was a battle between Intinter (the good Dragon) and Siltinton (the Bad Dragin). Siltinton kicked Intinter off the Mountain. Intinter flew up and blew fire on Siltinton. Siltinton blocked the fire with his Wing. I punched Siltinton on his weak wing. Siltinton kicked me off the Mountain. Intinter rescued me and knocked Siltinton off the Mountain.



Siltinton flew up. Just then, I jumped. In the air, I threw 3 punches and Intinter came to rescue me. Both Dragons flew at extra speed at each other. I heard Intinter say something under his breath. Just then, there was a huge explosion in the sky. Siltinton was defeated. Siltinton who was too weak to fly after the explosion, died soon thereafter.

Intinter struggled to fly, and I lassoed him back to the nest.

After that, I walked down the Mountain and went home


The End


Submitted: April 26, 2020

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