The Beauty & Terrors of Love

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A book by Marcus Maboya tackling the dynamics of falling in love, the beauty of it and the terrors of it. The memories shared, the pain felt from loss.

Table of Contents

The Dark Light (intro)

  I head straight into the depth of it Stretching out my hands trying to find my way out of it My nightmares are people ... Read Chapter

Sorry Not Sorry

  Okay maybe I am an asshole after all But we human and sometimes we fall I don’t recall how many times I broke your h... Read Chapter

Eden (Feat. Angeliq)

I spent half my life searching for a suitable helper I was never ready for what came after. A creature created by the amazing art... Read Chapter

Bruised (Feat. Karabo Malope

I am confused you just woke up and wanted to be excused I am infused with anger and my heart feels used I am amused it took only ... Read Chapter

Death of A Love Poet

I slipped back into my own body yesterday. I felt the thrill of joy before it got lost the day before yesterday. That old feeling... Read Chapter

what's love?

What is love? The sexual thrill that get us attached? Is it the actual first sight experiences that make us feel like we are matc... Read Chapter

The Beauty Of Love

(Sigh) I cannot deny that I have had my fair share of beautiful experience falling in love Experiences so beautiful I’d never p... Read Chapter

The Terrors of Love (Feat. Luleth)

  (sigh…) Much as there is black and white, Nights and days. Love also has dark times when the sun doesn’t shine its... Read Chapter

Dead Roses

ask myself what really happened. Falling in love is no longer exciting like it used be Everyone possesses a soul that’s saddene... Read Chapter

Killed By Death

Kissed by fate and my soul slain. Embraced hurt and hugged pain Renounced love and accepted hate. Made love to sorrow and she... Read Chapter

Memories (Feat. Faith Mdhluli, Bethuel Tjebane & Quinton Makunyane)

Lately all I have been doing is scroll down my picture gallery Each picture gives rise to a memory. Like when we celebrated our f... Read Chapter


Ahem… I love how you get when you’re horny Your body unable to resist the urge so you twist and turn. Clinging on to me a... Read Chapter

Wounds (Feat. Samukelo)

I stand in the mirror everyday staring at myself, With myself staring back deep into my soul. It’s a scary view whenever I see ... Read Chapter

Gone (Feat Laura Hughes)

It took me a while to realize how deadly you were for me It was your beauty that had me blinded, I could not see. I thought I had... Read Chapter

Love Songs (Outro)

We love and lose, nothing has ever lasted forever. Eternity is a pure white lie. With the hurt we overdose, wanting nothing else ... Read Chapter