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I head straight into the depth of it

Stretching out my hands trying to find my way out of it

My nightmares are people walking around in pairs

The hate in me ignites like emergency flares

I sometimes wish hearts had spares

So when broken, they’d have repairs.

My whole life I met with cavaliers

The reason why falling in love has topped my worst fears

Truly, the heart perseveres

I don’t know how many times hearts get used as piers


Once, my heart was set alight

Everything seemed to be alright

I was joyful and my face was bright.

Now I creep in the thick darkness searching for the light.

I can’t tell the difference between day and night

Demons crash my thoughts without an invite

I got a huge appetite for death

I cite the angel of death to come cease my breath

But she does not heed to my call.

My soul is drying up like I caught blight

I don’t want to be alive at all.


One time I was a deceiver

Now I am stuck here in the dark light


Submitted: April 27, 2020

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