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Kissed by fate and my soul slain.

Embraced hurt and hugged pain

Renounced love and accepted hate.

Made love to sorrow and she bore me misery

Misery grew up and brought me agony

Now I choke with hurt and wonder if this really be my fate.


Hated by love; saddened by happiness

Cursed by joy and praised by loneliness

Harassed by peace and comforted by uneasiness.

Nothing seems to get better, each day is the worst.

I want to be inflated by all this and burst

I want to converse with the devil and plead for death.

I want to howl at the moon until I am out of breath.


Love is torture; love is death

I closed eyes embracing myself for the impact of her lips upon mine

I have ropes, pills and sharp stuff and I made up my mind.

If anybody asks, tell them I got killed by death.



Submitted: April 27, 2020

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