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Lately all I have been doing is scroll down my picture gallery

Each picture gives rise to a memory.

Like when we celebrated our first anniversary

Never have I thought that one day it will be history.

Tears fill the wells of my eyes and my sight turn blurry

My brain feels like it’s gonna explode and my head feels heavy.

No one gives a fuck how I feel so I tell it all to my diary.

At times I feel so mad and my heart overwhelmed by fury

My thoughts of us being together again are illusory

You’re probably somewhere with the actual man of your dreams living a luxury

All I have left with me is these photos of you,

Your sweet voice in my head calling me boo on cue.

Now for me, speaking of you has become quite a taboo

I miss you and I hope you miss me too. 

I hold on to these memories and hope you’re there doing the same too.




Lately all I have been doing is doze off to our memories

Where I’ll be able to reminisce the love that we once shared and relive every moment of it.

Taking me back to cloud nine

Where we found one in another-

My world revolving around you .

Remember when we first met? 

How you brought blue skies to my dark world;

Only made roses and flower rain?

Gazing into your eyes was like gazing at twinkling stars in the night sky

But now all that disappeared with a blink of an eye.

Now lately my soul has been dying without you

And my heart enslaved to this pain and the agony of living a life without you

I wonder if it feels the same way too



Curled up on the carpet like a foetus

Embracing a picture of us with both arms…

Thought I’d be over you by now but it seems like I’m still held captive by your charms… 

 Memories flocking from one gyrus to another not fading…

Took pills to supress them but pills aren’t aiding.

Wish I had amnesia

For these thoughts evoke miscellany of feelings

Feelings of love, pain and hate

Loved you like no other, sad how you honoured me with pain.

Funny thing is, I still miss you to this date.

Been playing dead, too afraid to face reality.

Illuded my mind ‘bout moving on.

Guess I’ve been limping one step forth and back

Cause I’m out here, weeping gallons, holding onto us,

Hoping you are somewhere in the same boat reminiscing about us.

Memories of elation too precious but someway tormenting.

I hope they fade unless you’re coming back to me.

I miss you.




Lately I have been scrolling down the memory lane.

The sweet kisses you used to give me,

Each memory bring back the feelings.

I’ve been reminiscing about the things we used to do together in the night time.

How you would always talk when you mad,

Or when you’d force me to make you a snack.

Lately my mind has been lost in the clouds

Trying to win you back but sadly I can’t.

‘Left with all these memories of us

I think I can’t deal with all this pain,

The pain of having to go a day without you.

Lately my eyes have been filled with tears,

Tears that you ignored when you left.

My heart still yearns to be with you

My soul still yearns to interact with you

My mind still yearns to create more memories.

Lately I haven’t been the same without you

I’ve been weeping as I scroll down my photo gallery staring at all our pictures

I still say I want you back,

Cos you left me with a lot of memories.

Submitted: April 27, 2020

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