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I love how you get when you’re horny

Your body unable to resist the urge so you twist and turn.

Clinging on to me and plunging your nails into my body.

The silent screams of your pussy so loud begging for its turn.

As I tease your nipples, all senses gone and I had turned into porn star

Keeping your spots under my radar

I love it when you wrap your arms and legs around me

Makes me feel like it’s always gonna be me you cum for

I love it when you gasp and choke on your own breath moaning for me

Makes me feel like I am that one knight you’ve been asking and for.

When I play with your clit with the tip of my tongue, ooohh-

My favourite part.

When you repeatedly call my name plugging my head hard against your camel toes-

A real fucking emotional art!

You’re worthy of good loving and I always wanna give you that.

Make the kind of love to you that overjoys your heart.

Submitted: April 27, 2020

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