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I stand in the mirror everyday staring at myself,

With myself staring back deep into my soul.

It’s a scary view whenever I see the wounds inflicted on my heart.

All patched up with temporary patches of pretense

How I continued letting my heart be torn apart makes no sense.

My poor heart, so fragile and yet, without any sort of defense.

My emotions breathe fire and seek vengeance

I only long for that special person who’ll heal my soul.

The pain has penetrated deep within; left me mutilated without hope.

I don’t even understand how I am able to cope.

I could just easily scream “fuck it!” and leave my head hanging dangling on a rope.

That’s it, the pain gone and I dead.

They will feel dreaded but soon they will forget I ever existed.

Forget my poetry and find other favourite authors instead.

Don’t worry I am not about to kill myself, I’m just saying.

But these wounds are hurting, that really got me thinking.

Matter of fact, I think might just drug myself to death instead.



It was hard enough to convince my heart to give love a second chance

What more to resurrect it back to life again.

With my mind so far away, I fail to understand how those soft gentle hands set to carry my heart ‘til the end of time,

Were the hands that orchestrated a brutal heart massacre.

My smile is trapped by these scars taking centre stage in my heart.

Ripped apart; broken down settling within the dimensions of the arousing dust.

Maybe you were never the one for me

Yet I chose to follow my heart to be led to a cliff.

True love still remain a dream.

How many more heartbreaks do I have to endure before I meet you at the crossroads?

 It’s easy to move on

But to forget goes far beyond any mountain

What more is there to say?

When all is said and all is beyond repair?

My world has faded away with the unforgiving flames.

Broken; beyond repair.



Submitted: April 27, 2020

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