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Okay maybe I am an asshole after all

But we human and sometimes we fall

I don’t recall how many times I broke your heart

But every time I think of it,

I wish I could drink poison, sprawl and die

My acts used to make me stand tall I cannot lie.

But with you, conscience always kicked in.


But fuck feeling guilty; won’t you answer these questions for me?

Where were you when I had misery strangling me?

Where were you when I was screaming “Please come save me!”?

Did you ever think of dropping everything and attend to me?

Don’t tell me I am making everything about me

Who spent sleepless nights, pillows soaked in tears? Me!

When my back was against the wall, did you ever think you could at least come and help me fight the demons that had cornered me?


It has always been you

From the moment I laid eyes on you

You became more than just a girlfriend

You became a sister I never had

When I didn’t feel you close to me I felt empty

Like a huge part of me had left me

Thus I began acting abruptly

Truth be told I never meant to tear you apart

I thought I was filling in the space you left unattended-temporarily

That was some absurdity…

Submitted: April 27, 2020

© Copyright 2023 theguythatdoesntexist. All rights reserved.


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