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I spent half my life searching for a suitable helper

I was never ready for what came after.

A creature created by the amazing artistic hands of my common ancestor

She wore love like an amour

Ready to tear down whatever acted as her barrier

She smiled at me and the universe bloomed

She picked up a shovel strengthened by love to have mine exhumed

Her stare brought life to my once dead feelings

All the alien flowers of pain were destroyed

With a voice so peaceful like a monotonous garden

She put my life at ease and calmed my once troubled feelings.

Hers is a side I will never abandon.



Oohh! Lord of cupid, the God of love.

When next you see him tell him I’m holding a grudge.

Why couldn’t he give me a hint?

Maybe a tip of where you were searching?

I’d have long been happier because I would have searched in the same location.

By now we could have passed quite a few summers together.

We could have dwelled in the warmth of our love too long.

Witnessing the summer beauty that’s beautiful as your soul.

No! I withdraw my words, I let go of the grudge.

After all Lord Cupid gave me the most beautiful gift.

He struck us both with the same sword of love.

He gave me you; I’ll stick with you through thick and thin

Yes I agree! I’ll be your helper, strength and happiness.



Submitted: April 27, 2020

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