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I am confused you just woke up and wanted to be excused

I am infused with anger and my heart feels used

I am amused it took only two days to have your heart and his fused

I was enthused by our companionship; little did I know you wanted to jump ship.

I knew you and him do flirt

But every time you were confronted you used tears to divert

You acted like an angel but I knew your inner demon and loved you with all your dirt

You never really planned to be with me for eternity no matter what you asked me to put in my effort

All this time you could not wait to get him under your skirt

I am left bruised and my eyes teary with never ending tears of hurt

I hope he does right by you and you never revert back to me…



Your presence filled a void-

And in your absence I was lost

It bruised me when you left

But looking back, I am glad I lost what I had.

For your actions were toxic and made me sick

I used to smile when I saw your text

And I am very grateful for the sex.

You did damage and left me bruised

Submitted: April 27, 2020

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