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I cannot deny that I have had my fair share of beautiful experience falling in love

Experiences so beautiful I’d never place anything above.

Looking at that special person for the first time

And all of a sudden you see them with you for a lifetime.

Your heart racing and mind working overtime

A person that affects you like an enzyme

You suddenly become poetic armed with rhyme.

You pray whatever you say makes them want to be with you for a long time.


Those midnight texts that have you lying in bed like the day is never gonna come.

Telling her “I wanna be the one to make you cum” or-

“If we go on like this, I am gon make you a mum”.

The beautiful affair that makes two grown people with intellect, dumb.

She becomes your Eve and you her Adam.

Every time you see her your mouth goes dry and you feel numb.

You imagine yourself eating her raw like you just got possessed by a demon of barbarism

For as long as you are with her, you only hope that there never be a chasm.

Such is the beauty of love.

Submitted: April 27, 2020

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