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Much as there is black and white, Nights and days.

Love also has dark times when the sun doesn’t shine its rays

When people start showing off their dark ways

Paradise becomes hell and in pain you dwell.

You hope it gets okay

But it gets worse each day.


It burns than a furnace

You’re no longer familiar with the tenderness

All that’s living in your heart is bitterness

The once occupied space in your heart has now become a wilderness

Their presence in your life has suddenly become anomalous

And the heart has lost direction of its own atlas.


You wish the world could reset and you correct your past mistakes

Now you know what it feels like when your heart breaks

You are more aware and try by all means to avoid heartbreaks

The terrors of love are many

There’s not one of us who haven’t experienced any.

We learn and move on

Only to experience the same bullshit as life goes on. (Sigh)




When the sky turns black and the rain tarts to pour

We seek shelter in places we once ignored.

For love can be brutal where it was once gentle and the dosage be lethal

No matter how carefully it is taken.

Like a woman scorned, it settles the score

Turning smiles into myths and laughter into noise.

Though it seems surreal that love’s joy can be still

The bandits that pounce lurk deep within, even your next of kin.

They lurk in the shadows of stolen moments and words unsaid

When steps are retraced it is often too late

The realization that innocent white lies hid infant monsters that grew like pride, ego and condemnation alike.

Many wish to only well in the light,

But human nature summons darkness in its stride.

So when you find love, never be surprised because like everything in life, it exists twice.

The good and the bad, you’re happy then sad.



Submitted: April 27, 2020

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