The Smithsonian saying

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As a grown-up individual, you are made up of roughly 38 trillion cells. That is a mighty number, then why do we scared and anxious about illness and death?

Knowing how to live a life is art even inadvertent conditions like death because death is also part of life. To start with, high imagination about living life is greedy and one’s artistic ability to create fanciness about oneself is erratic. These are human follies.

The first reason to get afraid of illness is; suffering from pain, then debility by disease and lastly process of dying. One of the mysteries of dying is the timing of death itself. Sometimes people will wait for someone to arrive or for everyone to leave the room before they die at the final moment.

The second part is the artistic ability to create fanciness about oneself.

Do not think you are born because you choose to be borne as you wish. Some think parents prayed for them hence they came into this world. This is rationally crazy. This rationality is evolved by physically-oriented feelings. But if you agree to understand life by the standards of biological facts, then you will have different answers and also it is much deeper than visceral because primarily life on Earth is a continuum.

Let us look at how life starts forming from you. If you are a perfect adolescent male, your sperm cell represents you as a life form from your small-sized or big-sized dick. Your sperm cell measures about 50 micrometres or 0.05 millimetres or roughly 0.002 inches from head to tail. Your penis size does not matter, what matters is healthy sperm cell and strength of its motility.

Whereas, from Females, the human ovum or egg is nearly 25 to 30 times bigger than the sperm cell, large enough to be seen with the naked eye. The human ovum or egg is about 130–200 micrometres.

You are born because of one lucky spermatozoon makes a great breakthrough into the ovum and taken shelter there. To milk the moment thereon, the sperm plasma fuses with the egg's plasma membrane. This process causes the sperm head to separate from its flagellum. The sperm-fused-egg voyages down the Fallopian tube to grasp on the surface of the uterus and blah…blah…blah.  It is just a small dot and it is you. You are just a pixel of the incomplete picture of you, a conception.

Here is the interesting part; “pronuclei merge” occurs within 12 hours of sperm cell - Ovum fusing. The packets of DNA from male and female pronuclei merge. The merger of chromosomes pair starts the first mitotic division.

This is how a new human “your” genome forms and “you” emerge as life from a tiny dot. Following that first division, some genes from the new genome are accessed to make proteins. The maternal transcripts still dominate development “you”.

But still, you are nowhere near the distinction of existence between either as an embryo or a foetus. The distinction between embryo and foetus is completely grounded on gestational age. You may be considered as “you" only after 4 or 6-week prenatal human.

By scientific definition, an embryo is the early stage of human development in which critical body organs structures are formed. An embryo is termed a foetus beginning in the 11th week of pregnancy, which is the 9th week of development after fertilization of the egg. The difference is not arbitrary, it has biological meaning.

As you grow from “the Dot”, to 14th Week, the process quickens and the womb feels the flutter of “you” that will progress to squirms and kicks from within.  


When you are grown as full-bird offspring, you leave womb-home to come into this planet Earth-home. Your ability to survive in the earthly atmosphere sets-in the new beginning. This new beginning of outside the womb-home makes your tender body adapt to new-practical and tactical earthly sustainable human approach. It thus makes you habitant on a habitable planet.

As you become a knowledgeable person, you know volunteer moments, thinking, commitments, and become a correctable human being. But how many of us follow the ethics of surviving on the Earth or make the Earth survive? How many of us do what we ought to do and ought not to do? How many of us follow what to eat what not to eat?

We lost the humanly imperial dignity. We have lost the gratitude to the motherly womb that gave birth to us. And in this technological age, we have gone to that extent paying 9 or 10 months’ womb-rent for that womb-home of the mother by keeping them in Old age Homes. Lastly, we have no respect for the mother planet Earth.

Remember the Englishman J. L. M. Smithson saying “There is no place like a motherly home and there is no other place where we can make habitable home than Earth”.

Submitted: April 27, 2020

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