The Locket

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Booksie 2020 Flash Fiction

The westbound train to London rolled into the station. Steam billowed off the platform. 

Joan stood in the atrium, with her eyes fixed on the platform, and a letter crumpled in her hand. Emerging from the dark, an unbeknownst gentleman approached as if they knew each other. 

"You must be Joan. I'm Adams.” 

Joan responded to Adams' handshake and she abruptly muttered, 

"You know Shela?"

"I served in the Eighth Army. I met your sister in Tunisia, she spoke of you. We were deeply in love and she saved my life.” 

Joan held her breath as Adams continued, 

"We split up in one of our attacks. Last month, I received her letter about the hospital she’s running in Tunis. She mentioned you and requested your presence. That's why I'm here.” 

For more than 5 years, the war devastated Joan's family. What was left for her?

Noticing her hesitation, Adams picked a locket from his pocket. He looked at it, a cocktail of emotions ran through him at the sight of Sheila’s picture. Joan stared at the back of that familiar locket she gifted to Shela the night before she departed.

Could this trip hold all her answers? 

Adams handed over an envelope,

"This address and the ticket are what you need for next Monday. I will meet you at Southampton Port.”

1947,7:45 am, Southampton Port

...A radio plays…

London Sky News. The government continues to reunite citizens with lost families. However, several private agencies are charging exceptional costs, claiming a guarantee of a reunion with haste. We caution our listeners, be vigilant to scams.” 

Adams passed the newspaper stand with a look of disgust at the radio's headlines. 

He continued toward the passenger ramp and turned back hoping to see Joan.

"Last call! All aboard!” The sailors called over the horn blasts. 


A slender young woman came barreling through, holding tight the suitcase full of all she had.

The ship slowly cruised away. Joan was still catching her breath. She saw Adams having a serious conversation with several gentlemen. Looking around, Joan noticed there were many women her age wandering the deck. Adams walked over with an awkward smile, 

"How are you feeling?” 

"Good. There are many other women traveling to Tunisia.” 

 "Yes." Dismissing Joan's comment, Adams walked away. 

Several moons later, Joan awoke at midnight to an obnoxious discussion at the end of the hall. She peeked outside and noticed silhouettes of men, one with a Homburg like Adams.

"No, we should not let them talk to each other!” 

"They have nowhere to run! We will arrive tomorrow. Their Tunisian husbands are ready to pay good bride prices!" The group burst into laughter. 

Joan darted back. Too terrified to sleep, she sunk into her bed with an uneasy feeling of helplessness washed over her, paralyzing her senses. 

At dawn, Adams knocked before kicking in the door, bursting through its threshold. 

"Tie her up, she'll fetch a great price.” 

The blindfold flashed over Joan's eyes.

Submitted: April 27, 2020

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